Hello! I'm Megan Kristine. In my wonderful fifteen years of life so far, I've moved more times than I can remember, living in a total of four different states. Moving around so much as a kid has made me the wandering globetrotter type of person who has cravings for change and can't stay in one place for too long. (It gets as bad as constantly switching which end of the bed I sleep at and moving where I do my work every couple months.) I'm always wavering between perfectionist and I-just-want-to-freaking-get-this-done. The bulk of my life is spent loosing track of time as I write novels (and other nonsense), read novels (HP, THG, The Giver, and To Kill a Mockingbird are a few favorites), make music (flute and sorta-kinda guitar (I taught myself, okay)), watch netflix (Dr. Who (woot!), Lost, Merlin, and random old Disney movies with my little sisters), read blogs, scroll through tumblr, text my bestie, skype my sister, and continually indulge in being confused about my entire life. My favorite season is whatever one comes after the one we're in. (Though I most commonly cling to autumn...and almost never ever like spring.) Road trips are literally the best part of my life, though I'm always crying that my family doesn't go on them as much as we did when I was younger. If I could handwrite every single thing I put on the internet, I would die of happiness. Handwritten is better than everything else, am I right or am I right? I keep telling myself that I'm going to start a YouTube channel, but it hasn't happened yet. I carry my camera with me most places and take photographs of my strange friends and the wonderful iowa countryside. And also food. No, I actually never take pictures of food. I just eat the food. (I'm strangely known for taking small bites, which is cool?) I'm homeschooled (yeah, one of those kids) but thankfully know how to talk to people and engage in conversation, although I am majorly introverted. I try to keep everything in my life centered around Jesus, because, let's be real, he's pretty cool. My family is the craziest bunch of people I know and I seriously love them to pieces. Because my life is extremely boring, I write this blog so I can remember all the boring things I did when I'm older. Maybe you find a boring person's life interesting? That's cool. You're cool. Have a fab day! Mmkay, Bye.