and then, suddenly, it was summer || by eve victorie

Friday, June 28, 2013

And so with great bursts of colour & clear skies & sunshine, summer waltzed in on silent feet. And though the world had been expecting her, no one really saw her come in. One moment spring had been queen... & the next summer had taken her place. And suddenly we all find ourselves entranced, living somewhere between dreamland & reality. It becomes hard to distinguish between the two because sometimes it seems as if reality is too good to be true, & so, surely, it must be a dream.

And that's the thing about summer; it feels like a dream once it is past. It's short, but sweet & lovely & wonderful & dreamy. Summer is for making memories. Dreamy, wonderful memories that make you feel gooey inside like you've just had a sip of liquid sunshine, even in the midst of winter. But unlike dreams, summer memories will always stay with you. They're unique.

Let's make some good ones this year, eh?

"I cry; a lot.
I laugh; a lot.
It seems to be that I struggle 
at the middle of emotion."
-- tyler knott gregson --

I'm Eve Victorie. My heart is out at sea & my imagination all over the place. I dream in sea blue & turquoise & I like telling stories. I believe in the little things in life because they are the ones that can make a difference. Windswept hair & sea breezes & coffee are my favourites.

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  1. Indeed. Wonderful post, Eve!

  2. Love lovelove! These flower shots.. ohhhh yes.

  3. AH, your photos, Eve! They're my favorite. And these definitely feel like summer. The last one makes me smile. :-)

  4. the second and third shots are just rad.
    i just love this. a lot.
    xx. marcia


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