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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hi lovely megan-readers. How is your day?
TODAY I will be giving you a lengthy synopsis (can you give lengthy synopsis's's's?) about a day in the life of a homeschooler/weirdo. YAY.

I am mainly doing this so I can be productive for once - photos 11am-5pm of my computer would be a bit embarrassing... :-)

8:15 am
8:32 am

Waking up and making our beds.... it's a sloooooow process.

9:22 am

Doing some laundry before I start my day (laundry at 9:22am is a GOOD day, believe it or not. I'm not a morning person, let's just say).

10:06 am

Getting dressed!

10:41 am
10:42 am

Taking tests/editing essays for a potential job as an editor.

11:36 am

Nap time! (I wish.)

12:22 pm

Taking a few pictures of some hats for my etsy.

1:09 pm


1:32 pm

A late lunch.

2:06 pm

Some science, followed by some math. School in the summer is fun.
(I took college classes several semesters this year/last year, so I'm a bit behind in highschool... haha.)


Editing photos while listening to a bit of The Band Perry. 
listen listen listen

4:17 pm

Some afternoon knitting while catching up on some Psych episodes. PSYYYYCH.

5:03 pm

Walked up to Hobby Lobby with my mom, to buy her some needles so I can teach her how to knit a hat.. fun, fun. :-)

5:46 pm

A pre-dinner snack. Second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, dinner, supper... it's all practiced frequently over here.

7:10 pm

Some evening reading + note making after dinner.


Film writing... (on my brother's laptop - shh don't tell!).

9:26 pm

Knitting with my momma.

10:11 pm

A movie with the family.

12:15 am

Tea and reading right before bed!


Thanks Megan for putting up with my carelessness - she told me post on the 6th, I heard the 9th, she emailed politely, I shrieked what have I doooooone! and then we both agreed on the 15th.


summing up a person in just a few words, or in words at all, is probably impossible. so I'll just tell you a few important things: I have messy hair, I like to knit, and my favorite food is avocado.



  1. This is seriously one of my favoritest (not an actual word but whatevever!) posts ever.

    Also, I just really like YOU a lot. You're so original + unique. I admire you for everything you do. :)


    1. YOU'RE my favorite, acacia.

  2. mmm, knitting and tea and Pride and Prejudice in one day sounds fantastic.

  3. you are way too cute, abbs.
    love this!

    1. haha, people call me abbs alllll the time. :-)

  4. Abby, this is awesome! (film writing? awesome!)
    And an editing job sounds super impressive.
    Lurve the photos!

  5. the last photo, though. so cool!

  6. Haha, wow...that was an awesome post. Your summer day sounds really great!
    And that last photo...so cool, and pretty and YOU. :D

  7. THE LAST PICTURE. All the goodiness in the world.. also, your hair. Aaaaaand Psych.. what more is there to love?!


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