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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

After school ended last week, I've been feeling this weird am-i-really-done-being-a-sophomore feeling. High school always seems to be split down the middle: the freshman and the sophomores on one side, the juniors and the seniors on the other. Meaning that in three months, I'll officially be the "younger of the older," which is going to feel really strange. When my family first moved here five years ago, that's where the older sisters of both myself and my best friend were at. They were the juniors and the seniors. They seemed so much older then than I feel right now. Ah. Growing up is weird, you guys.

Despite freaking out that I'll be a junior next year, I've kept busy.

S U N D A Y S   A F T E R   C H U R C H:
My family is the craziest.
IMG_1169IMG_1182 IMG_1186 IMG_1175IMG_1176 IMG_1197 IMG_1218

O U T   I N   T H E   Y A R D:
Walking our dog, Sam / Riding bikes / Shooting hoops (in the basketball hoop my sister is way too proud of pulling out of the weeds and putting back up) / (dad) making cars work / Getting the garden area ready to plant in / Being taken over by both dandelions and violets / Gorgeous blue spring skies.
IMG_1285 IMG_1322 IMG_1328IMG_1342 IMG_1381 IMG_1404 IMG_1405

O N   T H E   R O A D:
I've been in the car for 20 minutes+ everyday this week. This is what's summer's all about.
IMG_1460 IMG_1471IMG_1484

G R A D U A T I O N S:
Remember Kaylee? She's one of my good friends and I took her senior pictures. I also shot for her graduation party and senior recital (which was seriously beautiful!) and filmed one of her piano pieces. It's crazy that she's graduating already.
kaylee IMG_1665IMG_1885
(this picture of Ben has no significance to Kaylee's recital. 
He was just playing after everyone had left and the parents were cleaning up the party. haha.)

C E L E B R A T I N G   B I R T H D A Y S:
My amazing mom's birthday was on the 4th; we had a cake at our grandparent's house on sunday to celebrate. We also listened to Marissa's music on the way there. And afterward, I took the little girls to the park.
IMG_1897 IMG_1909 IMG_1919 IMG_1922 IMG_1952

H A N G I N G   O U T   W I T H   E V E R Y B O D Y   A W E S O M E:
Featuring: laughter, sitting on the curb, ice cream (no, we haven't had it every week!...okay, yes we have), sunsets, and cameras.
IMG_1987IMG_1995 IMG_2032 IMG_2042 IMG_2045 IMG_2070 IMG_1492 IMG_2084 IMG_2094

Summer's already looking good. | Megan


  1. goodness i love this so much.

  2. mmm sounds like fun :)

  3. GORGEOUS shots + I'll be a junior too! :)

  4. I love seeing the difference between your Nikon and Canon pictures (I'm 100% pro Canon ;) but its neat to see your personal picture style stay true through two different cameras

  5. looks good to me. :) xx

  6. i really love this post. i love how you document everything with absolutely stunning pictures! x

  7. Stunning photos! I love how you tell a story through the pictures you post. I am so jealous that it's summer in America. It's only the beginning of winter here in Australia!

  8. this post = super fun-to-read layout. I love how you do your storytelling.

  9. Great post Megan!! LOVE ALl THE PICTURES!!! Hehe you have a good camera and a GREAT eye for pictures!

    ~Amber :)

  10. These just scream summer! I can tell you're loving the new cam. ;)

  11. These photos are so lovely! X

  12. Seriously I love all of these and I totally love that you're posting more often.


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