Wednesday, April 3, 2013

››› Morning: I wake up at 7:40am and scroll through instagram and facebook before I find the motivation to craw out of bed at 8. Downstairs in the kitchen, I have a bowl of cereal and some water. I read my bible and journal for about half an hour. Then I hit the school books. Mid-morning, I break for a snack and to play Hopeless Wanderer on guitar. Before lunch, I read five chapters of A Tale of Two Cities for lit, which is turning out to one of my new favorite novels.


››› Afternoon: After lunch, I'm back playing guitar again, and then I practice flute. (It's so hard with braces, you guys.) Next, I finish all homework for class tomorrow, complete with paragraphs written about summer, because how could I not? At 4:30pm, I breakout a sharpie, notebook, and my design program and get to work on a blog design for a friend. I listen to Bon Iver while I rearrange HTML coding, change numbers, and pair colors together. Around 7, I head downstairs for dinner.


››› Night: My family gathers around the tv to watch the live stream of the opera my older sister's college put on. After that, we watch (and laugh at) The Voice. (We've been obsessed since last year when dad was "only going to watch this one guy sing.") When it's over, I'm back up to my room where I somewhat put away school books from the day and text my bestie, Whitney, and my older sister, Marissa. I scroll through facebook and answer messages, then decide to spend a little time updating my profile page, because my presence there is rare. (This includes quote-searching for my cover photo.) Around 11, I pack my backpack for class tomorrow, and then settle down to read before bed.

Tuesday was a good day.
Also: I never got dressed.

xo | Megan


  1. Tuesdays... are awesome. They always get left out of everything, you know, Mondays are terrible, Wednesday are church, Fridays are too long, Saturdays are awesomest, and Sundays are God's days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are always forgotten:(
    They're my favorites:P

  2. Homeschool life.. #pj's!

  3. I love how you documented your day! For me, Tuesdays are fairly busy with homeschool co-op and youth group, but I look forward to them every week. :)

  4. *high-five* flute with braces. Yep, totally know what you're talking about. I've had mine off for a while, but oh my goodness, I remember being in tears just trying to get out a b flat. lol

    Tuesdays are awesome. Your day sounds a lot like mine.

  5. this just makes me really happy.

  6. haha, i barely ever get dressed. (unless i feel productive that day.) and yay, so 7:30 isn't considered waking up ''late'' :)


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