Road Trip

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Needless to say, we were insanely excited for this marvelous trip. Oklahoma is a beautiful place. (Especially during this nasty winter weather we've been having in Iowa.) We spent Thursday evening on the road, and passed the time making bracelets, laughing at my little sisters, and watching Brave. The night was spent in a Super 8 hotel, where we wrote inspirational messages, sat in the most comfortable chair ever, and watched Animal Planet. Friday morning couldn't pass fast enough. We could not wait to get to Oklahoma Christian, where our sis is currently at college. When we got there, I turned into an annoying five year old; begging my parents to skip lunch, stop talking to their friends, and HURRY UP AND FIND MARISSA. Seeing my sister again (haven't seen her since January) was absolutely wonderful. We got to meet her friends and all that jazz. The first thing we did was go to  recital (because she's a music major). The rest of the time was spent eating, spending time in the dorm with Marissa and her friends, going to get ice cream, laughing, watching lost, and enjoying the change from monotony. We even got to see some of Marissa's college friends sing and dance, which was pretty wonderful.

Can I just say how much I hate goodbyes? Because I do. They're literally the saddest. But, when Sunday morning rolled around, it was time for goodbyes. The ride home (12 stinking hours) was basically a 12 hour uncomfortable nap time because Whit and I were dead tired, but happy. Sad to leave, but happy we got to spend some time away from Iowa for a little while. And now Whit and I are wearing our OC sweatshirts around as tangible memories of the fantastic weekend we just experienced.

The strangest thing about our visit to OC was the fact that it'll be my life in two years, after I've graduated. (And Whitney's because she's totally coming with me.) Being there made me excited to graduate and excited for the future.

This Oklahoma road trip was the only thing keeping me alive through this winter chill, and now? ON TO THE SUMMER COUNTDOWN. (I'll forever be waiting for the future.)

Have any road trip memories?


  1. Aw, yay, I'm so glad you had such a great time! Love all the shots you got - most definitely some good memories packed in them, I can tell. :)
    Yes, goodbyes are the saddest. Always the saddest. Although when the arrival of the destination of the goodbye shows itself, and it's a happy destination, goodbye's aren't 100% sad. (Sorry. Was just novel writing. Still have the feeling of freshly written words coursing through my body.
    oh geez.)

    Yes, the summer can't come soon enough! I'm so done with all this college class stuff, and all this math and science stuff (though I'll still be doing school in the summer because I'm getting behind), and ready to go camping and ride my bike without painfully cold wind, and read outside in the sun, and actually feel the sun on my skin. Yes. Summer please please please come soon.

  2. i absolutely love road trips. lovely pictures and post :) x

  3. WONDERFUL pictures + I love your shoes(I have the same pair.. hah)!

  4. wonderful pitures! (that's how i pronounce the word pictures) lovely post.

    [ say hi. hi... i'm meena ]

  5. this is kind of beyond happiness. :)

  6. This looks like such a lovely trip! I love road trips, the last one I went on with a bunch of my friends and it was one of the best experiences!

  7. I love how you capture personality and emotion in your photos. You can just feel the energy! I love it :D


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