Sunday, March 3, 2013

photo-13 photo-12 photo-11 photo-10 photo What happened to this blog? Ever since November, it's been really dreary and always serious and pretty much no fun at all. I think I said somewhere that I'd forgotten how to blog, and I really have. My attempts at remembering those skills (if I ever had them, hah) have failed miserably. I do really want to get back to blogging, though, because I miss it so much. Blogging was always my drive to be creative; it kept me writing and taking pictures. But, honestly, I hardly take any pictures's hard to when I'm not doing anything with them. And I guess I just feel like I'm not up to my usual creative par.

It's almost spring and I'm doing everything I can to push winter out. With that comes cleaning and straightening; making sure everything is fresh and (with some things) new. And it looks like the blog is going to be included in that, too. I really want to make some changes around here. In particular: MORE POSTS. Because, let's be real...I've only posted 8 times this year. [Last year, I had posted 23 times by the beginning of March.] And to tell the truth, I've never really done any type of "branding." [I know, HOW COULD I.] The quality of my posts have also been really lousy lately because I haven't been putting much time into it. But I want to put time and hard work into it. I want to show that I actually do care about my blog...because I do!

Do you ever feel like being creative, but you just don't know how to make it happen? That's how I've been feeling. There are people with these beautiful, creative blogs, and I'm just like "I want that!" But recently blogging has just kind of scared me. It's really strange, because it's always been so easy. Now, I open up a new post and I don't know how to do it. I just sit there for a while and then decide that a post just isn't going to happen that day. But I really love blogging. I love the community and the people and the overall feel and I want to get back to it...and I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger since like...ever...and I'm going to make some changes so blogging won't be so meh all the time anymore.

So you should let me know if you have anything you want to see here.

p.s. here is a suggestion for you: don't go looking at old blog posts unless you want to cry of sadness. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA.


  1. First, love that this is titled "MEH" because that makes me proud that you use that wonderful word.
    Also, this post is just SO GOOD. You are cool and I know you can begin to post wonderful, colorful things again. (even though the things you've been posting have STILL been wonderful.)
    So thats all.

    p.s. you are cool. (:


  2. I actually liked this blog post a lot! Sometimes deep posts get lost on readers. I really liked how you could hear your voice. I think everyone goes through a dry spell creatively. Writer's block is real. But I really like this, and I think being honest is really relatable :)

  3. Yes! More blogging!
    I've missed your posts terribly since your little hiatus. I've gone through the blogging phase of not being able to post for weeks or sometimes months more times than I can count. I pretend like I'm locked away high up in a tower, waiting for "prince write" (see what I did there?) to come and rescue me. It never gets me anywhere, but at least it's fun to picture stupid things. ;)
    I also know what you mean about forgetting how to blog. Sometimes I forget how to write or take pictures that I love, and as a result, I forget how to blog. Or maybe I'm in love with writing at the moment, but when I open a fresh post to start writing, I can't. It just doesn't happen. It's terrible to go through that, isn't it?
    But anyway, I'm excited that you're posting again!

    Also, I'm still working on replying to your email, I haven't forgotten. I guess I'm just still trying to form the words I want to say. Sorry it's taking so long. ;)

  4. I totally know the feeling, as I've just recently stepped out of my blogging "funk" and decided to dive back into capturing life, and taking pictures. I'm sure you will find your groove again. Can't wait to see the changes you make around here :) Happy weekend friend!

    ~ Noelani

  5. Oh my gosh. This totally and completely describes everything about my blogging life. Completely. Oh gosh. Everything you stated (while, I'm back to taking pictures, but a couple weeks ago, yeah. No.)
    And I'm completely redoing my blog now, too.


  6. This is me right now. I'm usually so busy, but when I do have time I open a new post and am just like... what do I do now? What do I write about? I haven't had time/inspiration/state of mind to do much of anything creative and my blog has kind of died. I just don't know how to blog anymore, either. Best of luck to you getting back into blogging, I'll be trying right along with you :)

  7. ...I have pain looking at old posts. It's horrifying.. I think this blog should be what you want it to be! And simply that. xx

  8. I know what you mean, doll. Everyone gets into these ruts, and some of them are especially difficult to get out of. Why not do a simple recipe, or DIY? Maybe share with us some of the sources of your inspiration? Make a mixtape, or tell us about what you're reading. (Just some suggestions.) But I'll keep coming back no matter what you post, as long as you be yourself. =) xx

  9. MEGAN! Let me first say that I LOVE your honesty. Secondly, I have been feeling almost the same way lately. Blogging hasn't been a lot of fun, and I want it to go back to being fun and I want my blogging to be more of ME and what I care about instead of random posts. I've actually been thinking about signing out of blogger for a few days (maybe a week) because I need to clear my mind and not have so much pressure and influences on my heart. Like, I have a few ideas that I've been wanting to kickstart but I'm worried that people will think that I'm copying someone else, etc. A bit of a break, you know?

    Hugs, and I'm SO excited to see your new posts. Love you. :)


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