twenty thirteen & one word

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2/365 DSC_0101 DSC_0001 Last year, I didn't choose a "one word" for the year, which was sort of sad and made me want to pick on for 2013. Toward the closing of 2012, I was thinking a lot about what goals I had for the new year and what I wanted my "one word" to be. Goals include everything to do with writing, photography, videography, music, and art. I wrote out detailed lists and plans to accomplish these goals and, eventually, discovered what my word for 2013 would be.

BURST. All of my goals have something to do with not keeping on the mellow side of my creative work. I want to burst through with my own ideas and creativity. I don't want to follow patterns. I want to find my style in the many fields of creativity I'm interested in. I want to do something big in the things that I love this year, so I'm making my goals extremely ambitious. Although this lowers my chances of reaching these goals, it raises my need to work hard -- which is something I'm trying to focus on.

So may 2013 be a year where I burst through as a unique writer/photographer/videographer/musician/artist, with new ideas and new things to share. And may I create something memorable this year.

Do you have a "one word" for 2013?
xo | Megan


  1. That last shot - BOSS. || My word for 2013 is TRUST. It's something I need to work on. I love yours! xo

  2. The first shot is amazing. Lovelove love it! I love your word too! Good luck. I didn't do a word this year.. But it's something I'd like to do next year. xx | Natalia.

  3. Burst. I like it. I like people who make big plans. I know you'll do a fantastic job at meeting your goals, as I've seen you do this last year.
    My word for 2013? I think you already know - restless. :)

  4. What a lovely word! I'm sure you will "burst" through 2013 just fine! :)

    My word for this year is "intentional".


  5. i love your word! that's so fun :) xoxo

  6. I love your word for 2013. I don't really have one word... more a whole group of them, a poem of things to keep in mind and live by.

  7. inspiration. i want to get inspiration from nature, from friends, just from photography in general. and this year i want to be myself for a change, and have others get inspired by me.

  8. I love your word :) Mine is "assurance". :)


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