the winter that wasn't

Saturday, January 12, 2013

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This winter has been nothing short of strange. The weather is all wrong. We've only had about three snows; all of which took place over a few short weeks and were quickly erased by the sunny days that followed. And although it's been chilly the past couple days, it was only this past Wednesday that the air reeked of spring-smell so badly that I could have convinced myself it was April. The weather is only jumbling my already confused mind that can't stop thinking it's December.

However hard to remember, it is winter and not spring and the month is January and not December or April, and I have been indulging in my usual reading and writing. Winter is a time when I seem to read and write more. Since it's a sort of tradition I've brought upon myself to read The Giver (by Lois Lowry) at least once every year, I have been reading it for the third time. The first time I read it was December 2010/January 2011, so it's always a type of book I feel like reading in the winter. (Do you have a winter book?)

Today is a nice Saturday in January and I am very happy for it. I've been reading blogs and looking at photography (who is your favorite photographer?) and taking pictures all afternoon. It's been a much needed break from the usual schoolwork. (What do you do on saturdays?)

Happy Winter.
xo | Megan


  1. i reeeealllly like this Megan :) my fave photographer (lately anyway) is that of Janis from 'my suitcase heart.' her style is just amazing.

    1. thank you! She's one of my favorites, too ;)

    2. Yay Winnipeg Photographers! ;)
      Love that first shot Megan!

  2. We've definitely had a strange winter so far!

    So I have a long list of photography blogs I enjoy looking at but here are a few of my favorite: Jessica Shae, Jamie Delaine, and Jasmine Star.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the new design and name! You did a great job!

  4. The Giver! It's probably my number one favorite book of all time. It's absolutely fantastic. I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't introduced me to it. ;) I asked for it for Christmas and got it, and just finished it for like the fifth time. I was so excited to be able to scribble my thoughts in the margins and underline my favorite quotes and circle my favorite parts. I basically vandalized my book, but whatev. It's also full of sticky notes, but what book of mine isn't?

    1. well, you're welcome! I'm super duper happy you like it -- some of my other friends don't! :(
      So. My mom got a copy of it from the discard at the library. And it's amazing having my own copy. Makes me want to buy a copy of every book I've ever read.
      Sticky notes = YES.

  5. Our winter has been weird lately! Two years ago and we got snowed in. And around here it has to really really snow before we get snowed in 'cause we hardly close during most "blizzards" . Somehow though this year and last we've only had a little snow. Mostly mud and bitter cold. It's sad really. Oh and I wanna read that book the Giver sometime. Ill have to add it to my list :) xx | Natalia.

  6. I love The Giver {Lois Loury is such a fantastic author}, perhaps I should read it again:)
    I too seem to write and read more in the winter, and the weather here is always ridiculous. Just a few days ago I was out and about in just a t-shirt, and now its sleeting and miserable out! I love it though :)
    I love all your photos, you're a fantastic photographer!

  7. HELLO GORGEOUS SHOTS. >> And some people in North Carolina would be jealous of you for all your snow, haha!

  8. I love your photos so much! And it's a shame that you've only had 3 days of snow. I hope it snows a bit more before the season ends <3


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