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Thursday, November 1, 2012

nanowrimo2012 Even I'm surprised that it's already November first and I haven't written a nanowrimo post this year. Let's fix that.

Today I began my fourth year of NaNoWriMo. You'd think that by my fourth year, I'd have everything planned and plotted by November first. The truth is: I don't fully know what I'll be writing about this year. I've been struggling a lot with plot ideas. When I couldn't think of an idea, I actually seriously considered not doing NaNo. "Maybe this just isn't my year..." But it isn't November without NaNoWriMo. It's November 2012, and I'm starting with a couple characters and a very faint plot line. I'm extremely excited to see how this year goes. It's going to be interesting.

If you're doing NaNoWriMo, here are some ways I get through this month of writing madness:

  1. WRITING FRIENDS/GROUPS. It's really wonderful to have a group of people you know that are also doing this writing challenge. Last year, the homeschoolers formed a NaNo group, which was loads of fun (even though they were all YWP-ers). If there isn't anyone who lives around you doing NaNoWriMo, find some bloggers who are doing it (there are lots of them).
  2. DON'T TRY TO WRITE PERFECT. It's very tempting to sit for hours, thinking up the perfect dialogue and descriptions, but this is NaNoWriMo! You aren't trying to write the best novel, you're only trying to finish one. Leave notes in your writing for things you want to add but can't find the words to write. Write some bad descriptions if you have to. Make that perfect novel in December. November is the time to just get this draft done.
  3. KEEP UP WITH YOUR DAILY GOAL. Don't allow yourself to get behind. If it takes a little thievery of your time to write those 1,667 words everyday, it's worth it. Last year, I didn't go to bed before 12 all November. I wrote from 10-12:30 because that's when I had time to write. I definitely ended up with some paragraphs that were practically written while in my sleep (which are entirely hilarious), but they can be edited or cut out later -- in December.
To anyone else doing NaNoWriMo: Good Luck! You're going to do great.
xo | Megan

p.s. leave your profile link in a comment if you're a nano-er. Here's mine.


  1. let's go megan, let's go! [clap clap]
    seriously, though, i'm so proud of you!
    and don't forget to send me your story when you're done!

  2. So excited! I got up really early so I could start, I already have my first 521 words. wow, somehow compared to 50k that doesn't seem like much... :)
    <3 Laura
    P.S. here is the link to my profile http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/fairytaleintheforest

  3. This year is my second year. I was in the YWP last year. Good luck, hope you make your 50,000. :)

    Kelsey :)


  4. Yay for Nano! I'm so excited (and GLAD) to be doing it again. I won in 2009 and haven't written seriously since, which was super sad to me. SO, already really loving this November. :) Wrote several hours this morning and am siting at 5012 words, so I feel good progress wise (at the moment)! :) Goooood luck, Megan!

  5. Off point -- But you have two phones? lol


  6. This is my third year - the past two years I've been on the YWP but this year I decided to go for 50k. Really excited!


  7. yaaay! you can do it! i know you can. :) thinking and praying for you. :)

    xx a.

  8. good luck, megan! i'm sure you'll do great. don't go crazy and break your computer, or anything. xoxo

  9. good luck! I only did nano one year (2009) and I only made it to just over 20k words. I haven't really written seriously since then because I've been so busy with photography and school. I like you advice about not worrying about perfection in November because that's my major problem whenever I write. I get so caught up in little things and then get discouraged and stop writing. maybe it's about time for me to try again (although I'm definitely not participating in nano this year.)

  10. Here's mine! http://nanowrimo.org/en/participants/princess-picklehopper
    I am trying again this year... and failing. I started about five days into November, and I only have like six thousand words. But I'm really happy with my story, so I hope I will finish it, even if I don't finish it in November.

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  12. Here's mine :) http://nanowrimo.org/en/participants/melissa-rackley
    I kinda failed cause i started like 3 days ago...


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