when mondays became my favorite

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[inaccurate photo due to lack of band members.]
Somewhere around one month ago, it was the first night of youth group. The band played and Tony spoke and it was all normal and great. Afterward, Kaylee said, "I sort of miss playing in our band." (concerning the worship band she, her sisters, melissa, and chris used to do at their church.) And then somehow, in a way not everyone quite remembers, our worship band started.

It went a little like: "Kaylee can play piano. And Jordan can play guitar. And Seth can do drums. And Melissa, Whit, and Mel can sing! And Ben, you can learn the bass!"

Notice: I am not mentioned.

I take pictures. I write. I read. I'm the sort of person who cringes at having a microphone in my hands. It was a bit weird having all my friends planning to form a band and practice the very next day, (we don't waste time around here) when I wasn't a part of it, yes. But doing anything that had potential to be done in front of something anywhere close to a crowd was not on my list of things to do.

And then Sunday night happened. Somewhere, through a series of text messages from my bud Whit, I got convinced to say "okay, I'll come and try singing." It was somewhere close to midnight when I became part of the band.

Monday morning, the first thing I thought was: "I am seriously an idiot." I had just agreed to sing into that daunting microphone which I hated. Apart from that, I hadn't sang in a group for 3 years, and even that was only in a choir. And somehow, the very night before, I thought it was a good idea. Funny how things at night seem like a great idea, but in the morning you can't even believe yourself, isn't it?

All that Monday, I was feeling pretty nervous. I was about to do something that I had never ever imagined myself doing. It felt weird, having to mentally prepare myself for something like that. I was afraid of being awful. I was afraid of not being able to do it. I was afraid of so many things.

But then 4:30 came along.

I walked through the door into the youth room. They were all there. I was handed a mic. I spoke into it. The volume was bumped up. We prayed. And then I started singing. And it was actually incredibly fun.

Fun. Had I really just called having my voice amplified into a room fun? Apparently.

By this time, I'd already done so many things, I didn't think there was anything new left for me to agree to. But then Monday night happened.

We needed a lead singer. Someone who could reach all the high notes and who wasn't already playing another instrument. And that left...me. I made some sort of trailing-off and apprehensive noise at the first mention of me being the lead singer. I didn't feel like I could actually pull that off. Then on the way home, Kaylee asked if I actually did want to be the lead singer. "If you guys need me to, sure." We were on the way home when I agreed to be the lead singer of the band I hadn't thought I would be part of.

Basically, that's how it went down. In two days, I had gone from refusing to join a band to trying it to being the lead singer of it. And that was all pretty crazy in itself.

We had two other practices. We were having loads of fun. Our official group had been put together. (after I joined and Melody decided that she didn't want to do it.) And then Tony said, "What would you guys thing about playing on Wednesday?" We practice on Mondays. Wednesday was two days away. We'd practiced a total of three times. We said maybe and eventually agreed. We're basically insane.

We practiced on Tuesday. It was hard to put it all together with our lack of drums and bass. But we got the vocals down, mostly. We all had to skip homeschool choir to practice on Wednesday right before we were supposed to play. It was crazy trying get everything lined up and organized, especially with such limited practice time. And then it was time to stop practicing.

We all walked out side and prayed. As we walked back through the doors, (which, by the way, you have to open the left side first, not the right) we sat down on a pew. About 10 seconds later, we were on the stage and I was singing along with Melissa and Whitney. I actually even had a solo. It was one of those experiences that I never thought I'd have. But it was a good experience. A really good experience.

And that's the story of how I became the lead singer of a band.

It's funny how doing things that terrify you begin to be the things that excite you.
We practice on Mondays.
Mondays are now my favorite days of the week.

xo | Megan


  1. and one day you'll be the winner of america's got talent.
    just remember: i exist. :)

  2. Aunt SherryOctober 02, 2012

    WOW WOW WOW, I'm sooo proud! This is sooo cool!! I told you you guys could have your own band one day! You need to post a video! Love you!

    1. thanks! We're going to make a video next week for Marissa. Maybe I'll put it up here! :)

  3. cool! this us kind of how our band came together last fall! we gained a guitarist , drummer, and I quick learned bass! God will use you in amazing ways! :)

  4. sounds like more fun than the moon - I'm officially jealous. Post video, maybe?

  5. Dang, I expected to see a video at the end of this post!
    But that's awesome... I'm a horrible singer, plus even talking in front of crowds makes me slightly nervous, and singing? Don't think so. ;-)

  6. Wow Megan! That's so cool, and I kind of became a part of our youth band in a similar way, only with piano. =)

  7. I know I'm just apart of the broken record, but video! I'm so excited for you (:

  8. Awesome! Video soon? ;)

  9. Yay Megan! Good for you! :) And I agree with Kinga, we neeeeed a video. :) Very very much.

  10. It's pretty awesome what people can do when they just try something new! And, just like everyone else, I really want to see a video! ;)

  11. Sometimes that's how the most amazing things happen. You don't even know how.

  12. Yes. VIDEO, please! ;)

    You can never say never; you go, girl!

    xx Acacia

  13. How fun!! You can never really be sure what the outcome will be till you try, right?! :)

  14. Yup. Totally not as brave as you are. ;) But so glad that you were able to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

  15. Wow, you never mentioned that you could sing. I would absolutely love to hear it sometime :)

  16. that's awesome! i never knew you could sing! video please? ;) i love to sing too. ♥

  17. That's so cool! Good for you for trying new things and pushing yourself a little! Hope you continue to have lots of fun being the lead singer in your band! :)

  18. i super-love this. seriously. i sing at my church too, in our youth worship band. it's totes awesome. <3


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