downtown days

Monday, August 6, 2012

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We walked the streets, burning images into our would-be film. But everything is digital now. As we stood there in the spots where the light spilled out through the leaves, we wrote the tales of memories along our arms because these will be some of the last we'll have together for a long while. One is leaving and the rest are growing up and summer is quickly fleeting. We never have near as much time as we think we do. But it doesn't have to be goodbye just because we're getting older. This wasn't the last day or one of the last ones, it was just a happy one in which we celebrated a birthday in a completely untraditional way. We're the kind of friends where you can stretch and pull and tear at us, but we'll always be back together in the end.

I love you girls.
xo. Megan


  1. hm girl these be fabulous.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Megan. They just make me slow down and study each picture.

  3. I love your writing. <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  4. these are gorgeous, Megan. just gorgeous. ♥

  5. Wow, what a powerful post! I love the black and white ones especially :D

  6. are you using any special lens? your photos look so good! E.

    1. Thanks! that's REALLY interesting that you ask that because I'm actually just using the 18-55mm, which is like the very beginner's / lowest quality / worst lens. Hah.

  7. everything about this is just amazing.

  8. You all sounds like the best of friends! :) Beautiful photography!


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