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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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I am always trying to document a day or a week or a moment. I compose a picture or a piece of writing, but nothing ever seems to do any of it justice. I may not be able to capture everything that I'd like to, but everything I snap a picture of and everything I write about this summer has been more important to me than anything I've attempted to document in the past. I look back at the photographs or the paragraphs and I connect with them immediately. And for a little while, I am able to relive the past moments of this bittersweet summer.

These are from this week.
This week was reading and writing late into the night. A sweaty day at another county's fair. Our sunday trip to the library. Walking downtown with Whitney. And laughing with our hands clenched and full of life.

This week was an alright week.
xo. Megan
p.s. in my last post, I had a few photos I'd snapped of my friend Krista and her new camera on a shoot she did with me. Check out her post!


  1. I kind of maybe screamed just a little bit when I saw you posted.
    Beautiful photos, dearie. That first photo makes me want to keep working on my book. :)

  2. beeeeeyoutiful photos! btw, do you know when Louie is announcing the winner from last fridays giveaway?

  3. These are just gorgeous, Megan!
    p.s. this: 'This week was reading and writing late into the night...' is just beautifully written.

  4. ahh, it does sound like it was a good week.

    i want that piano.

  5. You capture everything so well, Megan. The piano picture is just beautiful.

  6. love this post!!!!!!!!

  7. Awesome pics! Looks like you've had a wonderful summery week! :)

  8. So, I definetly have that same Target sweater that you were wearing in the photoshoot.. :)
    And I want that piano also.

  9. your photos are amazing!
    what camera do you use?

    1. hey, thanks. It's a Nikon d3000 and the kit 18-55mm lens.


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