Melody's Shoot

Sunday, July 15, 2012

So I have this friend. Her name's Melody. I've known her since last fall, but (as the truth has recently come out), we both thought the other was way too cool to want to be friends. (which doesn't even make sense because I'm not even that cool of a person.) But somehow, in May, we hung out one night. ONE NIGHT. And we've been terribly close friends ever since. She's pretty much fantastic and we text all day long.

We lived in a cabin together for a whole week and a few weeks ago we saw each other nearly everyday. We're extremely random and Mel's excited about freezing together in the winter. ("I've only known you in the we get to do all the seasons together!!")

Being our normal random, we ran out into the streets of Kalona for a mini photoshoot yesterday. And we dragged Kaylee along to video and Krista along to...well...she basically just ended up dancing. But it was fun.

and for some behind the scenes, we've got a few photos and a video.
Kaylee getting into the filming for a ground shot.

[video filmed with a canon powershot SD1400 IS || edited with iMovie]

xo. Megan
p.s. These photos were edited with Aperture, which is a fantastic program I'm getting to use thanks to my sister Marissa and my Dad. 


  1. beautiful pictures! i love her hair :)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. awesome shoot :) She's really pretty.

  3. nice pictures! I use Aperture too! i like it :)

  4. Gah, I am begging my dad for Aperture, but it can be a little expensive to upgrade, and, unfortunately, I am the only serious photographer in my family. I love the bright colors. :)

  5. hehehehe! so fun! love the pics of that BEAUTIFUL young lady. That photographer and videographer did an awesome job! oh, and those dancing skillz are pretty rad too. ;)

  6. She totally rocks those cobalt jeans! Beautiful Shoot!

  7. Wow, her hair is awesome!

  8. Love the photos. So good! :) Looks like you guys had fun. Friends are the best! :)


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