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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Execution is simple. Coming up with ideas for designs is always really difficult.
Yesterday I finally got a design idea. I gathered up some supplies and set them all up on the front porch. I snapped a few pictures of each arrangement, then came in a got to work. I'm really loving the new look -- especially that it's not season-based and I can keep it up for a while. [IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN A NEW DESIGN, I RECENTLY REVAMPED MY DESIGN SITE. TAKE A LOOK]

The worst part of July is when I have to go through all the pictures from the entire past year and choose only five to print and enter into 4-H. So hard. [IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES I CHOSE, I'VE UPLOADED THEM HERE.]

I've been keeping up a really good writing streak the past week. Almost every night I've written at least half an hour in my novel. I decide from what time to what time I'm going to write, shut down the internet, turn on some music, and just write for that time. I usually end up writing longer than I had originally decided. Some things just take a little force. [I'VE ALSO DECIDED TO DO A 365 WRITING PROJECT. HELLOGOODBYE.]

this video. 

everything this girl does. 

what are your five things?


  1. I'm loving the new design! And I really love Anthropologie - thanks for introducing me to their vimeo! Oh, and Kinga? Isn't she just the best? :)

  2. ok- in love with the design! It is just perfect,especially for a writer- like you my dear :)
    I just discovered 'The Earworm' today and you're right; everything there is perfect.

  3. This post was really well laid out. And YES, I love Kinga's blog. Everything she makes = perfection.


    I absolutely adore your header. It's... Gah. I love it. And can your pictures get any more beautiful? Sheesh girl. And I recently discovered Kinga's blog! It's wonderful. :)

  5. 1) this blog design is possibly my favorite ever of yours.
    2) your pictures for 4-H are pretty.
    3) Kinga is indeed awesome.

  6. love love love the new design! good job for writing your novel -- i find it extremely hard to find that kind of time. kudos to you!
    kinga is pretty great, isn't she? :)

  7. First, I absolutely love your new design.
    And second, thankyouthankyouthankyou. This honestly made my day. I'm so happy that you like my blog. :)

  8. that video was like.... the best thing ever. so rad.
    Also, this design is probably my favorite that you've ever done.

    p.s. you're pretty cool.

  9. Eee! I love your blog design, it's so nice. Could you do a tutorial on how you did your nav bar? I've been seeing them everywhere lately, and I already know how to do one with images, haha.

    Oh, and I agree--the Earworm is pretty awesome. :)

    1. Thanks! I don't really like to do design tutorials here on my blog. Try google searching it.

  10. Your header = GAH. Love.

  11. i love your new design! and Kinga is probably my favorite blogger right now. everything she does is so. good. seriously folks. she deserves some more followers.


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