Senior Week.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seconds, minutes, an hour. They tick by and leave me anxious. I was insanely excited for this week to begin.
And then their faces. Some I'd seen on thursday, others I hadn't seen for a week. The prickly grass under our feet subsides as we crawl into our cabin. It's identical to all the others, with the creamy brown sides and the white number beside the door. Hugs and happy smiles as we move into our new home. Our home for the week, at least. Cabin 9 is ours.
Melissa's shoes hung out to dry.
too much adorable!!
we laughed a lot.
I have no idea what is going on in this picture.

It's day two and we've broken out the string. Colors explode and our wrists fill with certain colors tied together in special knots made by friends. We made bracelets all week long, convincing even Seth and Ben to join in.
These were the sunny days that we didn't take advantage of.

My mail bag.
Since we were bracelet-making basically all the time, "come be my finger," was a statement that grew to be normal. The boys weren't into it as much as us girls, so they were usually the ones dragged into holding our strings. (Melody took these next three pictures.)

I will now tell you a small story.
One day, Ben was holding mine and Kaylee's bracelets. He was moving around a lot. So Kaylee says "Ben, stop moving. Don't even breathe!" So Ben closes his eyes and holds his breath. After a few moments, Kaylee and I start laughing. "I wonder how long he can hold his breath..." Then, out of nowhere, Ben opens his eyes and yells. It freaked us out. And we keeled over laughing. The end.

Mine and Melody's bracelets that we made for each other. (the one I made is on the left)
That comment I made about not taking advantage of the sunny weather? In the next pictures, you'll see that we're mostly wearing jeans and sweatshirts. The sky decided to turn cloudy and the air decided to cool off. I think I wore shorts maybe twice. Which is fine, because jeans are better.

THIS INSANELY RAD PHOTO WAS TAKEN BY SETH, who stole my camera lots of times throughout the week. 
One day we sat out on the grass in the spot we called "our spot" (because it was the same spot where we sat for an hour on the first day trying to whistle through our fingers). Seth played the guitar and everyone was singing Adele and other randoms and the lighting was amazing and it was just perfect.

From the prayera during 18 hours of prayer.
We had three nikons at camp (mine, Madeline's, and Marissa's) and they were all passed around.
They're so cute.

During off your feet/OYF, we laid around in the cabin and laughed and talked and played MASH.
Our cabin was generally very messy. And no one cared. We had an empty bottom bunk that everyone threw their stuff on. It was nicknamed JB for Junk Bed.

On wednesday, we had the banquet. The theme was Academy Awards. Everyone dressed up and the mess hall got decorated and it was fantastic.

they gave out little awards after dinner. Melody got "best hair," which is so fitting, no?

CABIN 9! Jenny (counselor), Whitney, Melissa, Lindsay (counselor), Megan, Melody, Tiona, Kaylee, Me.
I won "most creative."
Another small story.
Our cabin won "quietest cabin" and we don't know how that happened. the end.

Mel's hair. !!!
making bracelets again.
I wrote this on Melody's wrist. and it's true.
We're always so last minute for the talent show. Marissa, Mallory, and I were practicing outside right before it started. And everyone wanted to try out our instruments.

Madeline "learning" to play the violin.
Seth and Gabe came over and said "Oh we can play the violin and flute! Let us show you!!"
...they couldn't.
Madeline playing her blue ukulele. 
(taken by Melody) Me in action! ...writing...
This one of Melody and I was taken by Seth.
They look depressed in this picture because we were. Even though we'd be seeing each other again in 5 days.

And then it was over all too quickly. Goodbyes are too sad. Even ones when you're laughing and smiling. Senior week was over and that was that. It was a good week. A really, really good week that we all needed. A lot of things happened that week and not all of it was fun and games. But we're closer now and friends are amazing.

xo. Megan


  1. this is beautiful. all these pictures are just seeming with life. love. and she totally deserves 'best hair' ohmystars.

  2. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove. your pictures are amazing as always. :) And those two of Gabe and Seth are hilarious. Also, this makes me miss senior week.

  3. Oh, wow. I think I need to go make friendship bracelets now.

  4. These pictures are wonderful! They're so beautiful.

  5. Awww, looks like SO much fun! Friends are the best!

  6. looks like a blast! great photos. :)

  7. Awesome photos Megan! Love all of those colourful friendship bracelets! Definitely looks like lots of fun! :)

  8. I'm making those bracelets now. :)

  9. these photos really show how awesome your week must have been! :) seriously, it looks so great, i'm super jealous.
    plus, sunflare? stunning!

  10. I love that story of Ben! Ha, seriously, I was laughing. (and I got a strange look from my sister. win!) And those bracelets are gorgeous. And your photography is all over beautiful. And {no offense} but I could totally tell Madeline was learning to play the violin. When you 'know' how, you look so much more natural. ;)

    Aaaand, I love your blog. The end.


  11. MEGANMEGANMEGANMEGANMEGAN. (Why is it that whenever I comment here I always write the same word like 5 times?) But seriously. This makes me SO excited for summer camp. (I'm counseling tomorrow + one week in July. Senior Girls is at the end of July.) AAnd, these pictures are SOSOSO good. Friendship bracelets. Sunflare. Messy Cabins. Friends being crazy. And feet pictures. Totally perfect.

    Kay, I'll stop rambling now :)

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  12. Oh, looks so amazing. Fun, fun, fun! And I think the name of your blog is totally amazing.

  13. Random addition to my comment…
    I just followed your blog. =)


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