Intermediate Week

Friday, June 29, 2012

I honestly didn't really do much this week. I walked around and took pictures and wrote all day long.
This week was so hot. Mom, Meredith, and I went home a few times just to get away from the heat. It was a nice week, though, and all the kids were just great. And the week book that I put together turned out alright, with the exception of a missing page and a typo.

Sunny, Jeremy (the director), and Emily.
that kid in the front holding up his thumbs? cutest thing in the entire world.

On thursday, Melody, Kaylee, Krista, Ben, Seth, and Nicole came for a visit. It was great to see them again. And of course we had a tiny photoshoot out in the grass.

On the very last morning of camp, I went out into the field right outside the gates and snapped a few pictures of some wildflowers.

Camp this year was incredible and overall just an amazing experience. I'm better friends with lots of people I didn't know too well and much more closer to all the ones I've known since we first moved here. And with a start like this, the remainder of the summer is bound to be great.

Did you go to camp this year?
xo. Megan


  1. Looks like a great time!!! Awesome pictures, Megan!

  2. gorgeous photos Megan!!!! I love the ones with sun beams and spots. they're just beautiful!

  3. leaving excited!
    looks like fun :)

  4. I love your pics from camp Megan! I'm so glad you all had such a great time and that I got in on a little bit of it on thursday. :)

  5. these photos are so good. sososo good. :)

  6. ohmygosh! i love the bracelets and embroidery floss photo! i LOVE making friendship bracelets ♥

  7. these pictures are so awesome. sounds like such a fun week! :) aaand, the thumbs-up kid. ohgoshYES.

    abbie /// xoxox


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