the 9 year olds' giggles

Monday, June 25, 2012

For an entire week long, I was in a cabin with five 9-year-olds, two 8-year-olds, and an 11-year-old. It was fantastic and they were the absolute sweetest things in the world. Their laughs were so happy and Natalia's giggle was inevitably contagious -- we sat for 10 whole minutes just laughing at each other laugh.

I miss them.

Younger sister Mallory and her friend Anna
We haven't had a lake in years, so we just look at the canoes.
the tall guy is Dale, the director. He talked to me about film photography all week long and it was wonderful.
Danni and Natalia! (two of the girls from my cabin)
Natalia, Maggie, and Deven, all from my cabin.
two of the sweet little phantoms. 
Madison... :)
Erica and Kendall. love those two.
CABIN 11...and 9 (we switched mid-week): Mercedes, Deven, Jenny, Danni, Me, Natalia, (Mary), Olivia, Meredith, Maddy, Maggie, and Emma.
Kendall trying to convince Marissa to stay longer when she came to visit.

This was Junior Week, basically. I was doing counselor training and got to stay in a cabin with all those sweet little girls. I learned a ton this week and met lots of great kids.
It was a good week and a fantastic experience.

xo. Megan


  1. Looks like loads of fun! :) I'm volunteering at camp this summer too -- if my week is anything like yours I'm sure it'll be a blast.

  2. Glad you had fun :) Although showing off that Milky Way wrapper was hardly fair of you... ;)

  3. Looks like a blast! I'm going to be a junior counselor at my camp soon. (:

  4. Sounds awesome! This Thursday I'm also going to be a counselor for the first time, at our summer camp. I'll be counseling the seven and eight year old girls, and later in July I'll be counseling the 9-11 year old girls as well. I'm SO excited.

    And, I say this every time but I just can't get enough of your photography. You're amazing, girl!

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  5. seems like so much fun!

    and yes - film photography is wonderful. I've finally been able to shoot black and white film and develop it in a darkroom, and it was so magical and wonderful and all. :)

  6. ah, so fun! love the shots you got... makes me wish I was there. :)


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