What's in my bag?

Friday, March 23, 2012

(photo by marissa)
The two things I practically never part with are my camera and my bag. I carry them with me everywhere. And everyone notices when I don't have them. Basically: me not having something in my hands or over my shoulder is incredibly rare. (and considering the fact that I was beat by an 8 year old in arm wrestling, I've got no idea how I'm able to lug this thing around all of the time.) Would you like to see what's inside?

PENS (AND A FEW PENCILS). All of them. Yes, all of them. That's right, there are 29 of them. I got six packages for my 13th birthday and then later that christmas. I'm so obsessed with pens. They're pretty much my most favorite thing in the entire world.

SPILLING INK + MOLESKINE + NOTEPAD. Spilling Ink for when I'm stuck writing, or bored, or feel like reading it because of it's pure amazingness. My Moleskine which I fill with writing quotes (+ notes from Spilling Ink.) A notepad as a place to quickly jot down ideas for my novel.

BOOK I'M CURRENTLY READING. Of course there's always a book in my bag. I actually just finished this one Thursday morning. One of my good friends, Kaylee, always jokes that I have a new book (which usually just barely fits inside my bag) every week at school. It's kind of true.

COIN PURSE. Which usually doesn't contain more than $5, yet always has my library card inside. As said, I love books. I seriously read as much as an old lady.

PHONE + CHAP STICK + PAPERCLIPS + BOBBY PINS. I use paperclips like I finish books, so I'm constantly restocking. My phone is usually dead when I need it. And I always discover the chap stick when I'm least expecting it. Chap stick is amazing. (you know it. don't you lie.)

LAPTOP. I admit. I do sometimes pull it out while we're in the car to write. I always bring it to school, making me the only mac amongst tons of pc's. My friends like to borrow it, too. (And yes. Whitney and I do watch Hunger Games interviews and pre-released scenes in the corner during Jr. High Class (which we're not students in, so it's okay.))

THIS...I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS. Notebook seems too small a word. This contains everything I've done (plots, character work, ideas) for my novel/series over the past year (excluding a small file of old drafts and ideas I'll never use, which is at home. And my currents drafts which are on my laptop.) A crazy amount of work is inside this notebook. I'm working on typing it all up, because I have this horrible fear of water spilling all over the pages.

And how does it all fit? I have absolutely no idea.

So that's what I take with me EVERYWHERE. What's in your bag?
xo. Megan

p.s. I saw the hunger games last night...or this morning, I guess. It was crazy amazing. Seriously. It was absolutely wonderful. And perfect. And just really, really, incredible. Go see it now. Did anyone else go?

p.p.s. Do you have any post requests?


  1. Wow, girl! That's impressive! It looks heavy, and I don't know how that all fits in there! :) And the fact that you loved the Hunger Games makes me even more excited to see it tonight!

    1. I'm seeing it tonight too. (:

  2. I carry dozens of pens, also! You ought to come read my post about pens: http://anobjectblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/object-11-pen.html
    I enjoyed this post very much =)

  3. Yes. Heavy, but incredibly fun + amazing. Can I have everything in your bag? Seriously, as I scrolled down, I couldn't stop gasping. SO LOVELY.


    A c a c i a

    1. Can I also just say that I lovelovelove your blog design? Because I do. It's so fresh, free, simple yet stylish. If you ever want to design a blog for fun... just give me a shout. winkwink

  4. Wow!! That's a lot to carry! I know what you mean though-I have a hard time leaving the house without my camera, notebook or book I'm reading. I sometimes remember to grab my phone which is always dead so I don't even know why I bother. Pens are a must and so is chapstick and hair ties. Tissues, ipod, and sweater are also some things I have in my bag. =) Lovely post! I'd love to hear more about your writing projects!

  5. That's amazing! I was wondering if you could do a post on your top four favorite books and why.

  6. Post request? Why yes.

    Your most helpful, most practiced, over-all favourite lessons from Spilling Ink.

    i like the simple everyday feel of these pictures.

  7. I'm with her ^

    Your bag is full of cool stuff. I have roughly the same stuff in my bag... but yours is cooler somehow :D
    oh, no... i was hoping the movie was a giant flop. now i have to go see it!!


  8. Wow. How do you fit all that in there? Well anywho, your bag is super cute. :D

  9. okay, girl, your obsession with pens is almost as bad as mine...
    BUT, i didn't see any Sharpie pens. THEY ARE THE FREAKING BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!! You HAFTA try them!! not even kidding. they come in lots of sweet colors and they've got a fine tip point (so it's like writing with a marker, only not such thick ink). seriously, try them out.
    >> tho they are kind of expensive, BUT SO WORTH IT!!!!
    okay, i'm done with the rant.
    i loved this post. your bag = pure awesomeness!

    1. Hah. I lovelovelove sharpie pens. Unfortunately I'd used the two I had so much they ran dry and I haven't had a chance to get anymore. :)
      Thank you!

  10. oh girl. i am amazed by your bag skillz. i said skillz with a z. i'm so cool ;)

    HUNGER GAMES TOMORROW. can't wait...i don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight!

  11. I'll take some of your pens if you have too many. Seriously. I don't mind. I really don't. Aren't you glad you know me?


    I love pens. So much that I can never find any. I think my carpet eats them or something. Don't ask me why they are on the carpet in the first place.... =P
    I love your bag too. You should see what's in my bag... almost everything you said and more. And my bag is about the same size as yours. Pretty much everything flies out when I pull something out. And then I look like a freak. But it's okay.

  12. I have 28 pens! You beat me by one :) aren't they amazing?
    HG - so, so good. I laughed and cried and it was just perfect.

  13. Wow, I can't imagine carrying that much around! Haha! All I usually have is my wallet, phone, paper, and (hopefully) a pen. I'm so unprepared most of the time. ;) But you've inspired me, so I may begin filling my bag up now. ;)

  14. I love this! And yes, I saw the hunger games - oh, my, lordy-lord. Amazing.

  15. I absolutely loveeee your blog!!! And I love these pictures!! And that bag. Yep, I love everything.

  16. well, those are alot of pencils/pens/paper clips. you are so weird, and i love you.
    and i'm working on watching thg today.
    -jocee <3

  17. Oh wow. That is awesome...makes me feel not so bad about my pen obsession. ;)

  18. wow. i have nearly the exact same things (including quantity) in my bag too :D i need a new messenger bag though--mine's too small... :)

  19. First off I love your bag. I've been looking to find a good messenger bag to house both my macbook pro + 5d, since like you, I go no where without the two. Pens are amazing, though the pencil is by far my favorite(illustrator vs writer.) Although I do have a slew of micron pens(my favs) followed by Precise V5s.

  20. hey, where did you get spilling ink? i've heard a lot of great things about it so i'd really like to buy it :)



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