Remember When, v.i

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Remember when?" we say these words often. Over and over. It's something my sister and I ask each other. Pulling tiny memories from our childhoods; working out all the details; stepping back for a moment. And for a little while, we've returned to our younger selves.
Just last Sunday, my older brother and sister and I were reminiscing about our childhoods again. We brought up our favorite memories and tried to decide which house we lived in when it happened. Often, these are my favorite talks. It reminds me of how much we've been through together. And what crazy and interesting children we were.

get a load of our extreme dorkiness. [marissa on left, me on right]
When Marissa and I were talking about blog posts ideas (something we generally do a lot), it turned out we both had the same idea of posting these childhood memories on our blogs. So, why not do it together?

I found the old video camera filled with our screams and laughter and our odd attempts at making movies. We pulled out the old photos, gasping from the laughter too hard to force out. Photographs of our tongues hanging out and our matching outfits. Our funny faces and our sad ones. These photos are just another, more vivid addition to the memories already locked away in our minds.
Marissa and I are both extremely excited about this series we'll be doing together. We have many stories to share. So come, and take a step back in time with us as we relive our favorite memories.
. . .
me, when I was 6 - in Michigan. 
Remember when we lived in Michigan?
Remember when winter was our favorite?
Remember when we were so little, the snow came up to our knees?

mallory - 2
Remember when I wore a little white hat, and you a pink one?
Remember when we're dart outside, shorts and tanktops, barefooted in twelve inch snow to the side of the road to check the mail?
Remember when we wore our snow pants in the winter more than anything else?

marissa -10
Remember when hot chocolate was our favorite drink?
Remember when we'd take the blanket to the middle of the room, laying it over the heater vent. And as the air filled the blanket, raising the middle above the floor, we'd warm our tiny feet?
Remember when measuring the snow was daily and checking the temperature was hourly?

jordan- 8
Remember our coats and gloves and boots and snow pants dripping puddles of snowy water all over the floors?
Remember out snow angels and snowmen?
Remember our snow ball fights which I hated more than anything?

mallory, gamma, and half of jordan.
Remember when the most exciting day was when the parking lot next door was plowed?
Remember the snow mounds beside the line of trees?
Remember walking up on the tops, rolling down the side, screaming in delight?

mallory, jordan, gamma, marissa, me.

Yes, I remember. The snow was pure white; the sky a bright faded blue. I remember my snow outfit and my purple gloves. I remember our red noses and our chilled fingers. I remember licking icicles and eating snow. I remember curling up in our blankets after we came inside. I remember our hat collection and our boots passed down from the older children to the younger ones. I remember when snow days were our favorite.

what are your favorite memories?

p.s. all these photos are from mom's old film camera. Aren't they they just lovely?


  1. oh my gosh yes. this is just too cool. i love it love it love it! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. "Remember when we're dart outside, shorts and tanktops, barefooted in twelve inch snow to the side of the road to check the mail?" <<< love this. haha. We were so dumb! And I love this post. Winters were always so much fun! Those snow piles and snow ball fights, that you HATED. Which made i more fun. :) Yes. I remember all of that.

  3. this is great! it reminds me of the all the things my brother and i did when we were little. it's kind of scary to think how long ago it seems, and how fast we've grown up.

  4. This was so fun! I did a post kind of like this once and I spent hours looking through all of our ancient photos-- which were taken with film, so they actually exist in a hard copy. :) I'm excited for this series!


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