Oh weekend.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This weekend has been really great. From friday on, I knew it was going to be a laid back sort of weekend. I went to the coffeehouse and met with one of my friends and the older sis. We took a trip to the library. I wore a sweatshirt and comfy jeans all day long. My "quick" journal entry turned into being six pages long. (Inspired by Hannah, I've been adding sketches to my journal.) And a happy postcard from a friend in Costa Rica arrived in the mail. I stayed up until two watching Downton Abbey with Marissa. And reading books, of course.

I feel like I've been reading all weekend long. My assignment for Composition class is to read a book, then write a reflection of 400 words. I'm reading a historical fiction novel for that. I don't complain about these sort of writing assignments. I stole my sister's I am Number Four copy on wednesday. I speed to the end on Saturday, finishing it by 12 am on on Sunday. I have to say: It was definitely a good book. I'll be stealing my brother's copy of the second one later this week, I'm sure.

INSTAGRAM: 1) at the library (by @jeffmadison). 2) Lunch at Wendy's (by @jeffmadison). 3) to the library. 4) sisters. 5) Mer's confused. [3-5 by me, @shesmegan]

Today, we followed our sunday routine: 
•The second church is out, we're snapping pictures of our family and each other, waiting for mom to finish talking. 
•Our preacher and other members of the church ask us about our cameras, how many pictures we've taken that week, and comment on our taking pictures of each other taking pictures. 
•We head to lunch: this week it's Wendy's. 
•By this time, we've started instagramming. 
•Soon, we're back in the car (still posting photographs on instagram, having stolen mom's iPhone), on our way to the library. 
•We hope for a parking space before the crosswalk, but we always end up inside the parking garage -- apparently downtown is popular on sundays. (Who knew?) 
•Books, books, and more books. 
•Instagramming still. 
•We're snapping photos and whispering. 
•It's now checkout time. 
•Then the car again. 
•We're on our way home. 
•I run in side, jump on my bed, upload photos, and edit them.

looking at the ducks below.

My camera's on my bed. My writing bag has been spilled out and dug through. It's nearly time for dinner, but I don't feel hungry at all. Marissa's working tonight and most likely reading The Hunger Games, because she just got to the good part. My brother's in his room across the hall, strumming his guitar. Everyone else is downstairs doing who knows what. I have reading to do, but instead I'm posting. I'll read later -- I promise. 

Oh weekend, you've been good to me. See you in five days.

How was your weekend?
xo. Megan


  1. oh yes, the good part. *sigh*
    i knew you'd love downton! i just love you. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. this is one of my favorite posts of yours! gorgeous pictures, as always.
    my weekend was great and laid-back too.(:


  3. I love weekends...and this post!! Lovely! =)

  4. Wow. nice TERRIBLE picture of me. Is that pay back for the picture of you on my blog?? haha. you stinker.
    And yes, I am reading the Hunger Games and working on a post. heheh. Loved this post by the way! :D

  5. your town pictures are so serene. beautiful as always Megan <3

  6. My weekend was filled with school and crocheting. A typical weekend for me. Yours looks awesome though. Oh, I watched the first Downton Abbey episode yesterday. I'm so darn late in these things. ;)

  7. Have I ever told you how cool you are? Well...you are really cool. There I said it. :)) I love your Sunday routine. It sounds lovely. Also, your pictures are just...wow. Also, The Hunger Games is amazing, wonderful,lovely, and everything else. Oh, and I was just looking at the Hunger Games magazine, call me a bit over obsessed. :) Loved this post. :))


    1. Aw. thanks. You're pretty cool yourself. :)
      THG all the way. love! Wishing I had a hunger games magazine to look at...

  8. love that last shot -- the moon is so gorgeous♥

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  9. i used to live in iowa... for some reason, i miss it incredibly. well, at least the city part ;)

  10. oh, my weekend was marvelous! i went skiing with my older brothers and cousins and yah, a bunch of teenagers. just think enormous amounts of jokes and laughter and at times a lot of immatureness. (if that's a word). it was quite fun!

  11. Aren't weekends the best? I'm always so sad when it's Sunday night, with the whole week looming ahead. But sometimes it goes by quickly. :) Has anyone ever told you that you take gorgeous pictures? Because they are stunning. Especially the last one.

    1. I do love me some weekends. Oh, thanks dear!

  12. 3 words; love. this. post.

  13. All these pictures, and this whole post made me in such a good mood, thanks for that!

    I just found your blog, and I have to say that I fell in love with it! You're a great photographer.

    ♥: Katariina

    1. Thanks, Katariina! So sweet of you.

  14. Megan these photos are breathtaking. They tell a story
    Your writing style has developed so, and it is such fun to read.
    You are pretty, too.

  15. Oh my goodness. First of all, I LOVE your blog.
    Second, that is my life.
    {Minus the library because, I go to Half Price Books ;)}
    And third, you are a most wonderful photographer.
    I'm jealous.


    1. Thanks, dear!
      Half Price Books is amazing. I could spend my life in a bookstore.

  16. Just came across your blog - love. it. Gosh girlie, you've got talent! These photos are great! Can't wait to see more of your blog :)

  17. Aw. Thanks, dear! You've got some crazy amazing talent, too. ;)

  18. The Hunger Games!!!!!! <333


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