February Skies.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

These past few days have been carefree and relaxed, which I must say I needed. Most of the photos I've taken lately have been from my spot on the dining room table. That just goes to say if I haven't been doing school, I've been blogging, and if I haven't been blogging, I've been writing. And really, I haven't been doing much.

I took a few moments today to shoot a few photographs outside. When I took them, it was just a few moments before golden hour, and now I wish I had waited about half an hour to go out and take them. It was still nice to get out, though. And golden hour has long since been missed.

Some photos from lately:
in which my family hides from the camera.
friday at the coffeehouse
taking a walk to the chocolate "factory."
I take pictures of my sister and her friends in church because I can.
mallory makes funny faces.
you see, short people have to roll up their pants.

Lately under the february skies?
Downton Abbey with my sister
Reading your lovely blogs
Finishing up the writing of my first chapter (the 7 billionth revision) and sending it off to a friend escapading in Costa Rica
Google hanging out with friends
Chatting with Jocee

What have you been up to?

p.s. looking up update my f.a.q. page. Any questions for me?
p.p.s. my photobucket bandwidth was exceeded a few days ago. I switched to flickr (since I like that better) and went pro, but until the 22nd none of my past photos will be able to be seen. Bear with me? 


  1. i'm jealous of your coffeehouse-ness. and downton abbey is the best. it's our special watching night at our house. i'm so excited. and yes, chatting with you is just the best. and you're so gorgeous. and i wish i was short enough to roll up my pants. sound weird, but seriously. great post :))
    -jocee <3


    and mallory makes some of the goofiest faces ever. and I like the picture of you. :)

  3. My family does the same thing when I try to take pictures of them...they just don't understand. :) All this talk of Downton Abbey makes me really want to watch it!
    Oh, and that photo of you is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. hahahah I hide from cameras tooooo!! ;) :P

  5. I have to roll up every pair of pants I own... it's quite sad when the average persons legs are as long as my whole body. But anyway. That didn't have anything to do with your post.

  6. love that second shot of your siblings XD that's exactly what mine do! lovely shots. I really haven't left my school area much lately, either.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  7. Fun pictures!! I love the one of your friends at church!


  8. Your pictures just get better and better. I love the second one, it made me laugh.

  9. totes jealous of your coffee house and chocolate factory visits! x

  10. Your siblings are adorable; and I love the one of Mallory. Ha! Too funny.

    And the coffee-shop? Love, love, love. Coffee shops are some of the best places to take pictures.

    Beautiful photos!

  11. Gah. Beautiful pictures! That coffee shop looks darling. I'm so jealous. ;) And you're not alone. I'm tall, but I still have to roll up my pantlegs. And you are SO pretty. :)

  12. its okay - i roll up my pants too :)


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