The Anonymous Traveler

Friday, February 3, 2012

I walk through these streets and I wonder -- who walked them yesterday, last year, a century before me? What did they look like? Who were they with? What were their thoughts? The idea of someone being in the same place as I am years before, fascinates me. Their invisible footprints left behind, ones which no one can see; only to imagine. Their voices hang in clouds, never to be heard. Their finger prints hidden on bench rails and brick walls. The thoughts concealed, but never voiced.

These people long ago, who walked the same streets as I do, felt the same city air, saw the same iowa grounds, they left nothing of their journey but a thought. A thought that they had once traveled these streets. Only a thought of the anonymous face and the anonymous life. My feet walk along these streets on this day at this time, and maybe in years to come, I will be that person. The anonymous traveler who walked the streets. With nothing left behind but a thought.

Where did you journey today?

p.s. remember the project I mentioned? here's a sneak peek:


  1. so. so. so. excited.
    i love your concept of this post! i've been thinking the same thing lately.. love it, darling! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Very creative post!! Visit mine?

  3. I'm a huge Oregon Trail geek. I'm pretty sure all I did the past year was fill up 4 notebooks worth of facts about it. Living in the same place over 800,000 people traveled across, having walked on legit wagon ruts on the actual trail, it's so awesome to think about all the people who walked across the land. Who left everything behind to travel to a place they had never seen before, and had no idea what it was like. I love this post!

    And, yes, I am so super excited about our project! I literally think I'm going to explode if I don't tell someone. ;) But I promise I won't. Tell, that is. I can't promise I won't explode. But exploding probably wouldn't be the best idea...

  4. I absolutely love this post (and the photos) :)

  5. I love thinking about that - thinking what people did, what their story was. It's such a neat thing to think about.
    Oh, and obviously, I'm super excited to see what you guys are doing!! I've been waiting for so long! haha! :)

  6. Stunning photos & such a great, thoughtful post to go along with them.
    Can't wait to see the project!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see your beautiful project finally unfold! :)

  8. Yes. This was seriously amazing. Beautiful. I know exactly what you mean.


  9. Awesome street photos and interesting thoughts! :)


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