wishing for forever

Friday, January 13, 2012

The flakes fell in small clumps, so delicate and precise you could see each one's unique shape. Remembering how amazed I was when I discovered every snowflake was different at about six years old always makes me smile. And as the snow continued to fall, I experienced it from inside the car doors. I love the magical feeling of watching snow drift from the sky; covering the earth. It's as if nothing could ever be more beautiful.

As the car wheels traveled down the highway in destination of the hospital (grandpa's doing much better -- just needs rest), I find my eyes wandering toward the window. Iowan landscapes greet my peeking gaze. White blankets cover hills and rooftops. Colors standout against the snowy background. And it's finally winter.

With a day so full of smiles and laughter, sometimes I find myself wishing it could last forever.

have you gotten snow?
xo. megan


  1. We don't get snow here where I live. :(

    I adore the picture of the cat! I wish I looked that relaxed! :)

    --Abi :)

  2. I'm in love with the first picture. And the one of you. So gorgeous.

  3. i love those photos; they're soo gorgeous!


  4. We're pretty much swallowed in snow. Today the roads were closed because there was so much. Every night lately, it snows like crazy! (What can I say, it's Canada :)


    abbie /// xoxoxox

  5. The cat is soo cute! I love every photo of cats but this one is just plain precious!

  6. Wow, that snow looks beautiful. We haven't gotten snow. ;) But I'm enjoying a bit o' rain at the moment. Mm, time for a cup o' tea.

  7. Beautiful post & pictures, Megan! I wish I had snow... but guess what? It's suppose to snow this weekend! So yay! (:

  8. i should think we're getting snow here in texas, probably in february for 2hrs. hey, it's better than nothing!
    everything in this post makes me happy. great, megan :))
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: "The flakes fell in small clumps, so delicate and precise you could see each one's unique shape." priceless.}

  9. It doesnt snow in SoCal but thats fine with me :)
    Nice pictuuuuurresss <3

  10. we got snow the other day, then freezing rain, so now it's all icy :)

  11. We've gotten, like, two snowfalls at the end of which there were thin patches of snow here and there on the ground, which melted off the very next day. We've had an unusually warm winter this year... :)

    -Darby May-

  12. We just go snow last night! Other then that its only snowed once, in November and it only snowed for about 2 hours. Its just been cold.

    In Christ

    Ps do you want to guest post on my blog?


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