Monday, January 2, 2012

These are the days I dread the most. The final lapse before winter break comes to an end. The last moments before schedules must be made, leisure time is limited, and class begins again.
I spent these past few days on a myriad of things.

[1] read the first Hunger Games book in two days
[2] switched desks with the older sister
[3] my inspiration string holds only blank cards as I haven't printed any pictures
[4] spending time with friends
[5] gorgeous sunset on sunday night after assisting my sister on a photo shoot
[6] hot cocoa. love.
[7] writing
[8] designing

what have you been up to?
xo, megan


  1. oooh Meghan I loved the Hunger Games! I'm currently making my way through the second book, and I love it just as much :)


  2. I love your photographs!!! you have just inspired me to make my desk look like yours with the inspiration wire. ;)

    come stop for tea @

  3. hunger games = LOVE. and I love how the sunset stands out in the black & white.
    so, gale or peeta? :)

  4. I finished the entire Hunger Game series in less than a week, so good!

  5. i think i've been up to just about everything you've been up to.. except i haven't gotten to the hunger games yet. i'm so lazy.
    also, your inspiration string is creative. i'm so getting one of those. :))
    -jocee <3

  6. ah, that work space looks amazing!
    hmm i really, really want to read the hunger games. i'm going to barnes and noble tomorrow morning, so hopefully i will FINALLY remember to pick up the first book!

    my sister starts class again tomorrowwww.. so we've been hanging out and i've been pretending i'm on break, too :) but tomorrow i'll drive home and leave her at school. boooo.

  7. Gah, I am swooning over your pictures right now. <3

    The Hunger Games are awesome! And I've only read the first book. I got the second one for Christmas, and I'm dying to read it, but school books come first.

  9. Love the pictures! I've been doing a lot of reading, sewing and taking pictures. Life is good. Your inspiration string sounds like an awesome idea...ditto Jocee^^I think I'm going to make me one as well!

  10. Such a lovely post!!! Beautiful pictures <3

  11. First of all, I am SO glad you got sucked into The Hunger Games with the rest of us. I had read them already, but my sister received them as a Christmas present. I began the first one on Christmas & finished the last one four days later.

    Also, mind if I borrow your inspiration string idea? You're a genius, miss Megan! (: xo

  12. Ahh, the Hunger Games are wonderful! Love your blog!

  13. MMMMMMM, love that picture!! Soon as i saw Gale's name on the page, I was like, "THE HUNGER GAAAAAMES!!" Good read. Unfortunately, I disliked the last book, but... that's just my opinion. You might really like it.


  14. I must say these are beautiful pictures!! I really love the blank pictures one!!

  15. I love the hunger games books. They are my favorite books ever. And they're IMPOSSIBLE to put down. They're so good. We finished them fairly quickly too. One of which we finished in one day. haha. :)


  16. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite design of yours ever. So so so awesome and gorgeous.

  17. oh my goodness. i have the same striped mug! blue and white? yep, that's what mine looks like :) haha and i love the hunger games..... ;)


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