january thoughts

Friday, January 27, 2012

dear january:
I've never liked you much. You're snowy and cold and you often fall into the pattern of dullness. But this year I've found room for you on my like list. Because you are full of wonderful things. You aren't my favorite, but I've finally learned to appreciate you. Maybe it's your soft skies, your snowy blanket, or the happy things you always hold. Or maybe it's just because you're there, year after year, and you never go away; never change. I guess that's why I like you, january, because you know who you are and you never let anything change you. Because that's something we all need to be reminded of sometimes. To never try to be something we're not.



  1. Lovely pictures!
    And I love how this ended. The last two sentences were beautiful.♥

  2. oh, you aren't wearing a scarf! indeed this is a first!
    beautiful post, darling. i agree about january. truly lovely this year. and i agree with oriana. the last two sentences are absolutely priceless, and so true. another project motto, no? ;) :))
    -jocee <3

  3. awesome. i loved the skies. and the telephone polls. and the old sticks.

    great shots!
    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. this was absolutely beautiful. Your writing is just astonishing. I love it. :)) Your photography is so amazing, it tells a story and just speaks words for you. I love it. You my dear, inspire quite a bit. :))


  5. So endearing :)

    Abbie // XOX

  6. January is definitely a beautiful time of year, even in its ordinariness. Gorgeous pictures as always.

  7. I actually really like January. Not because of the weather, but it's the feeling that I get when I think of the whole year I have ahead of me. It's wonderful.

  8. Beautiful. Both the words and the pictures. :)

  9. Beautiful pictures! :)

  10. I really like that last picture. And your eyes are two different colors in that picture. Which I find amusing. I'm glad January has been better this year the past years. I hated those Januarys.... :) <- smily face just for you.

  11. Gorgeous pictures, as always. :) I'm slowly learning to find the beauty in each month. Yes, I have my favorites, but I need to see the special things in each month.


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