Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two of my best friends and I had recently expressed our growing want to travel outside of the country. With our friend Krista off experiencing life in Costa Rica, and the simply gorgeous travel posts over at Fernweh, it's hard not to want to travel.
My family has never traveled much. We went to St. Louis once in the spring. Apart from that it's just been visiting family or going to the christian convention in Oklahoma. And nothing recent.

Lately I've found myself hopelessly charmed by the thought of venturing through new streets, seeing strange things, tasting new foods, and hearing the chatter of a language I'll never understand. My happy imagination dawdles on the thought. Could anything ever be more lovely?

The dissatisfaction of Iowa scenes causes me to wish for something new. Something more beautiful. Something more inspiring. I find myself so entangled with the thoughts of new places, and soon, I loose appreciation for my own home.

Slowly, the realization that I've even allowed myself to become ungrateful for everything I've been given is truly heart breaking. I quickly discover that what was once new is now old. What was once exciting is now dull. What I once called beautiful has been demoted, and newer, more exciting places take its place. It seems as if Iowa has lost it's thrilling vibe.

I take a moment and rethink life here in Iowa.
When we first moved here three years ago, I was sure it held a hopeless future. I had a sinking feeling that everything I ever had was left in Michigan, and what little of it I had gained back in the short time we lived in Indiana was left behind, too. I couldn't imagine rebuilding happiness in Iowa. Before I knew it, though, a turn of events happened upon me. A new strong friendship held me through the thick and thin which lay ahead. What I had previously claimed a land of lost cause, I had grown to love.

Again, my adoration for ordinary life is renewed. The giggles shared with little sisters. The scribbled reminders. The chats with friends. A glass of water. The crazy socks which appear on my feet each day. Curling up with a good book. The constant purr of a kitty. It is these things which make every place -- every home -- lovely.

If I were to travel to someplace new -- someplace strange and exciting -- it, too, would become ordinary after awhile. I wouldn't get to keep switching. Newness would never insure happiness. Because truly lovely life is dependent on the little things. The things everyone would look past while in search of extravagant.
These little things, I have been learning to embrace. Instead of letting my thoughts wander off to what I deem exciting, I take a moment to embrace the sweet little things. Soon, I discover, these things are the ones which prove to be more exciting and beautiful than anything else. I'm not saying I've lost my want to travel. I am merely saying: even if I never do, this will always be enough. These things you can hold in your memory, hardly needing to think to recall them. These are the things I appreciate.

I'm learning to embrace the little things.

what are your little things?
xo. megan

p.s. Iowa, you're still beautiful.


  1. i just screamed amen. and my father jumped. this is exactly what i've been feeling lately. i mean, yes i've travelled. yes, it was fun. and yet i find myself longing for more... so much more that i realize i am becoming discontented with what i have.

    there's a quote that says in order to be inspired, you have to look afresh at what you always took for granted. and now i'm going to embrace that which i did.

    beyond beautiful, darling. i think this is going to be our project motto. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Lovely words, lovely pictures. (I feel like I say that every post, but how can I not say it when you cook up posts like this?)

    I agree about the project motto. So, so good. I'm still praying/thinking on it, but I'll email you soon Megan. =)

  3. well said! the end. :)

  4. Oh, Megan. I know exactly how you feel. My family doesn't do much traveling except for visiting relatives (or sometimes friends). For a long time I've had a huge longing to see new places, instead of being stuck in my village.... er, town. It is so, so vital to embrace life. Thank you for this sweet reminder.


    Abbie /// XOXOX

  5. If only we could learn to be content with what the Lord sees fit for us to have at the time; I think every one goes through what you do. :) At least, I do! Little things are so important.

    kitties; books; popcorn; snow; animals; a warm fire; SO many things. :)

    Thanks for reminding us!


  6. Beautiful post Megan. I love the next to last paragraph; and every picture. (:

  7. being content where you are is something all of us struggle with, at least in my opinion. God always shows me a reason to be in the moment & happy with where i am as soon as i began to doubt. love it when that happens!

  8. This is so beautifully written. I used to really dislike living in Hawaii (for a really, really long time), but in 2011 I finally decided to start embracing my time here. It's so easy to loose sight of all of the blessings I have and wish for something else.
    Okay, I just love this post. The end. ;)

  9. Sent you a letter today. I'm surprised I didn't have to put it in a box it's so long.

  10. Hey,

    It's iGirl here. I know I haven't commented on your blog very much, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving blogging. I've enjoyed reading your posts for a while now. I'm sorry for the unfollow :(.

    Much Love,

  11. Gah-your pictures are stunning. I adore them. And I know what you mean. I'm learning that the everyday things are the best. Oh, and I like your blog design. :)

  12. Hey, thanks so much for your sweet comment. It made my day. :) And answering your questions, yes, I've heard of Coldplay. Their song "Paradise" is on replay. And I use a Kodak point and shoot for my pictures. Nothing fancy, but I'm glad I have it until I get a DSLR. :)

  13. oh yes yes--my heart yearns to travel. but there's so much beauty in the everyday, really. your photos are to die for. seriously. the dictionary and pencil shots? gorgeous.
    my little things? hmm, well one is definitely sipping at a cup of warm tea--even if it means doing homework at the same time. (:

  14. ah, love all of these. i too am learning to embrace and be grateful this year. i could spend all my time wishing myself home again and miss all the wonderful lovelies this home has to offer.


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