cloaked in darkness

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The sun is shining as we climb into the car. Sunlight pours out from above, melting most of what snow we have left.  The sky is a pure blue, spotted with the occasional cloud. Our chilled bodies quickly warm in the heat of the car. School books in hand, we make the trek from the parking ramp to the hospital waiting room. It's another day at the hospital.

We enter all smiles, happy to see our aunts and grandma. We each get a short trip to see grandpa (who is doing much better; still resting). We enjoy the cupcakes leftover from grandma's birthday on sunday and I write a few paragraphs of my paper. Laughing and smiling inside, I don't notice the setting of the sun behind the walls.

When it comes time to leave, I know it will be dark outside. The common fact hardly crosses my mind. As the doors push open, releasing winter air into what before had been a warm room, I realize it has been awhile since I last noticed the beauty of nighttime. And it washes over me again -- the lights, the darkness, the beauty.

The puddles covering the dark streets spray in all directions as the tires roll over them. An array of lights shine in the distance; the heart of the city isn't far off. Reflections of headlights can be seen in the wet streets. The outlines of buildings can just barely be seen, yet we all know they are there. Everything is cloaked in darkness.

Not many notice the unique beauty of darkness. Too afraid of what lies ahead. Too afraid of the unknown. But I notice because, sometimes, nighttime is my favorite not because it comes with the ending of the day, but because of it's mysterious beauty.



  1. lovely post, dearie. also, i totally drooled over that cupcake. i really did. it looks divine. and i feel the same way about nighttime. it is so beautiful it its own way. i do welcome sleep, but i also welcome imagination. lovely, dearie. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. mmm... cupcakes and bokeh...


  3. Your post reminded me of City of Ember (in a good way. Like how they are afraid of the darkness.) The dark is certainly beautiful.

  4. That cupcake is making my mouth water. <3

  5. The way you write is utterly beautiful. I also find the night beautiful. This was absolutely wonderful. Seriously.


  6. that was beautiful! great photos, and i'm really glad your grandpa is doing better!!


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