winter solstice

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The shortest day of the year. The first day of winter.
The winter solstice always makes me think of little bear. You know, the tv show with the animated amimals? And the books, too? And how Mr. Face at the beginning of the show was always my favorite. Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that.

One of my favorite episodes of Little Bear was when they celebrated the winter solstice. They were snowed in and made many yummy goodies. There was something about it that made by wholly happy. Maybe it was the fire in the corner. Or how everyone always smiled. Or maybe it was because I was five years old. But it was always one of my favorites.

My winter solstice, however, wasn't anything extravagant. We didn't celebrate or host a party. But it was equally as lovely. Beginning with the christmas flute performance, then working on a design, and then lounging with the little sis. And watching four episodes of Dr. Quinn, of course.

My friend Kaylee and I have agreed that we've never wanted a break more than this one. I'm on chapter twelve of Son of Neptune and with plans for writing tonight, I could never be happier. Christmas rests a mere three days away, as Abby kindly reminded me. Gifts are wrapped and lights have been hung. Christmas is in the air.

How was your winter solstice?

p.s. tomorrow is christmas eve eve. I love eloise's christmas -- one of our favorite christmas movies.


  1. yes, dr. quinn is the best. love love love the photos. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. the winter solstice HERE in NC was celebrated with short sleeves. crazy weather.

  3. I used to like Little Bear too. I recently saw part of an episode somewhere (in a store or something I think?) and it's just so boring. But everyone has a favourite childhood movie they still like, right? ;) Mine is probably Beauty and the Beast. I used to watch it ALL the time when I was little. :)
    Love the photos!

  4. Ohh... it was the Winter Solstice? Hm... I guess I celebrated it with sleeping in and hot chocolate. That counts, right?

    But all I really have to say is - Little Bear was one of my favorite shows EVER.

  5. AHHH. Christmas eve eve. :O

  6. Props for remembering Little Bear!! I used to watch it all the time :) I remember that episode too :)

    My winter solstice was pretty awesome because we got to have our Christmas early because my dad's working through all of Christmas (insert sad face). So we bumped up the festivities to Winter Solstice. It was so lovely.


  7. first of all i love your layout! it's so clean and pretty :) but two, you take gorgeous pictures! and 3, i'm an iowa girl too :)!!! love love love. happy (late) winter solstice!

  8. The Winter Solicits always makes me think of Percy Jackson.

  9. ooh, I used to love the little bear shows. and I'm loving this nice break too.


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