taking us back

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sometimes, my family decides to make short trips to the little grocery store on the way home. The store is the kind of place that takes you back to the days before you were born -- the ones you have only read about or heard old folks speak of. It is the sort of store that causes the world outside of its door to vanish, and suddenly, we're in a different year; a different world -- back to the old times.

Rows of brightly colored candies line the shelves as my younger sisters debate on the perfect sweet snack to choose. Excitement rises as the different flavors and tastes play out in our minds. The sweet or the sour, the hard or the soft, the sticks or the rounds, the small or the large. So many different kinds, so many different choices.

The rows of shelves no only hold candies and sweets, but also popcorns, spices, and a variety of different noodles. The children select their candy, as our mother selects her spices. Standing in line, our items are bought. And then, time comes for us to leave. The door is opened as we walk out.

For a moment, the feeling lingers, but the spell is soon broken. We are back to our time again. The cars are rushing down the street in a similar fashion as the worries rushing back into our heads. Schoolwork, performances, cleaning, todo lists. But for the time it was gone -- the worries, the thoughts -- was a lovely time indeed. Perhaps there will be another time when we are taken back to the memories of the olden days. Perhaps it will be soon.

What is a place that takes you back to the old times?


  1. i love those types of stores. beautiful post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. this makes me happy!! I love old stores! =)

  3. ah! soSO lovely! I love that last picture; for some reason it makes me nostalgic. :)

  4. Oh my word... this reminds me of one my favorite food haunts, though I don't frequent it nearly as much as I should like! 'The Bulk Barn' it's called, and the spices, baking goods, candy, chocolates, teas, etc. -all kinds of each- are lined up several aisles in large bins, much as I imagine 'back in the day' stores would've been. It's quite the experience going into this store!

    Love the photos here- I think I would go a bit... crazy if I'd come upon those rows of candy...

  5. i absolutely love those kind of places. the way they make you forget the present day is so amazing to me.
    wonderful pictures!

  6. We have one of those stores close to our home, and I know exactly what you're talking about with that certain atmosphere they have. It's lovely, as is you're post :D

  7. I'd love to visit that shop! little old-timey stores like that are the best :)

  8. Such a cute post! :)

  9. No way...that's the same store that we go to if we're in the area!! It's such a neat little store, and it's a great place to buy food in bulk :)

    Love the photos! The color of the candy makes for a really fun picture! I especially like the one of the peppermint sticks.

    - Rebekah


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