over all too quickly

Monday, December 26, 2011

It's monday. But not an ordinary monday. The memories from the past weekend are all happy and cheerful, but the knowledge that it's now over is unbelievable. The arrival of Christmas seemed to happen all too quickly, and the end to it came just as fast.

When one of my best friends, Melissa, called mid-morning, she was ecstatic. Having gotten a new camera for christmas, of course she called me up to go on a shoot with her. Our plans were for one o'clock. Downtown. No end time decided. An adventure awaited.

picture credit my sister, who came along. I'm the short one with messy hair, yes.

camera+glasses buddies.
We were together until seven.

Today was probably one of my favorite days this month. Laughter, stories, hot cocoa, and melted marshmallows. Cookie baking, monopoly playing, picture taking, and smile making. It isn't just the holidays that pass too quickly. It's days like this as well. The ones you don't want to see end. The days that you don't want to say goodbye.

Without worries over schoolwork or things to be done. It is these simple days where things happen unexpectedly that make life truly beautiful.

how was your monday?


  1. the fourth one is the best. i'm just loving the textures of everything. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Haha! What a fun day (we finely got Marissa in the picture:)

  3. how fun!!! I <3 all your photographs. *smile*

  4. You're so cute! Love your coat, and your pictures.

  5. great shots of the birds and nice socks :-)
    Happy Holidays!!!

  6. I agree, it happened too fast!! :P

  7. looks like you had fun!!

    love your hair :) the pictures are beautiful, and i agree that it did go by too fast.

  8. Sounds like lots of fun :D I love all of your pictures!!! OH and I love your coat!!:) Is it new???

  9. megan, this post is so beautiful.

    you inspire me. and as for your photographs -- they're STUNNING.

    P.S. I freaked out when I saw my blog on your ''favorites'' page. You're amazing.

  10. lovely post! i've seen your, ahem..."photographic abilities" grow so much in the last year + especially these past few months. :)
    i very much agree with you- it isn't just holidays + special occasions that you don't want to be over- it's also the hidden "happies" that are unexpected but beautiful.

  11. I LOVE these pictures! The Christmas cookies and trees are my favorite.


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