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Friday, December 9, 2011

love this kid. And his jokes. And how he tells them to us while sitting on a table.

My alarm begins to ring, and my eyes blink open. Taking a glance out the window, I am instantly filled with happiness. A thin sheet of snow has been laid overnight. Finally, winter had come. No longer waiting. No longer wishing. Finally, the arrival of the first snow.

Two days passed. That night, as we walked out the front door of our grandparent's house, tiny snowflakes were softly falling. The blanket quickly thickened to all of our delights. Life has been full of happy, interesting, and busy things lately. However, the sudden snowfall has brightened the craziness and has made them wonderful.

Life as of late:
- - - designing three of my friends' blogs and explaining to them that, yes, I do understand HTML. (see: a melodious song, gathering dreams, living bold) - - -
- - - speaking of HTML, hello, my name is Megan. I'm a short, home schooled, and a nerd who is asked to write HTML in front of technology class, on the chalkboard, at the top, where I can barely reach, because someone told the teacher I read, write, and understand it. (I love my friends.) - - - 
- - - watching cheesy hallmark christmas movies because we can - - -
- - - having blog design parties with my friends - - -
- - - writing 'read' on my todo list every day when I still haven't done it in more than a month - - - 
- - - planning to set up the christmas tree every night this week and we still haven't done it - - - 
- - - having to remind myself to turn on/off the christmas lights on my headboard - - -
- - - school, of course, because half of christmas break starts on tuesday, and the other the wednesday after next - - -
- - - taking pictures. Because, really, when am I not? - - -

what has life been like for you lately? has it snowed where you live?


  1. i love cheesy hallmark movies. those are the best. yes yes yes.
    my life has been lovely, wishing for snow, but our friendly-neighborhood creek froze a few nights ago and that's good enough. decorating for my party tomorrow and things of that sort.
    loved this post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Haha I love hallmark movies. They all have the same plot, but it wouldn't be Christmas without them. Except for we don't get the hallmark channel, so we go to my grandparents house and watch them. ;) Haha.

  3. bahaha - writing HTML on the board. I would seriously love to see you do that! :)

    <3 this post dear!

  4. No snow here, yet. I'm hoping we'll get some before Christmas. :)

  5. Oh you know you loved showing the hole class what you could do.
    Love you too :)

  6. I want snow so bad. </3

  7. oh those kids look cute! *smirk* =)

  8. I love snow! We got some a few weeks ago and like, last week and we currently have snow on the ground.

  9. Love these pictures!! gorgeous. Love your blog!!


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