Jordan + Meredith + Mallory

Friday, December 30, 2011

It happens every year: school portraits. They came later this year than usual, in the sudden rush to finish our annual photo-presents for the adults. We decided to search out a different location for our 2011 portraits. Taking them around the yard gets dull after so many different times taking photographs there. With the discovery of the tunnel outside our church in the desperate searching for a location out of the sun, it was perfect.

Now, friends, meet all but one of my siblings.

Jordan (16)

Meredith (7)

Mallory (10)
she's a goof.

behind the scenes:
Through cold fingers and chapped lips, Marissa came along for the ride, snapping a few pictures behind the scenes. (and of the siblings as well.) After this amazing picture she took, I now know what I look like when doing a photoshoot.
photo credit: marissa

which is your favorite? where do you like to do photoshots?


  1. Love the 12th and 13th. The behind the scenes picture is just so real. no posing, just real life captured!

  2. the last picture is amazing. it's probably my favorite. I normally do photoshoots outside.

  3. I absolutely adore Meredith -- She's so pretty! And Mallory seems so mature, even though she's goofing off. Her hair is very beautiful :) Great shots!

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. that last one is really cool!
    I drag my brother to a playground near my house for photoshoots a lot, because it's surrounded by trees that make really pretty bokeh :)

  5. the last picture is by far my favorite. seriously.
    i think that i'll do a photoshoot anywhere. i love doing them with little sister and with food. food photography is the best. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  6. Haha Mallory cracks me up. And that tunnel is probably the coolest thing EVER. And of course, my favorite picture is the one *I* took. haha Just kidding. I really like the last one of mallory. :)

  7. love, love love the last photo!


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