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Monday, December 19, 2011

instagram lovelies. sometimes I sneak a few photos with my mother's iphone (username: shesmegan, same as twitter)

Admittedly, christmas break has become my favorite. Knowing me, you are most likely aware that I've wanted to get back to three things ever since this summer. 1) getting up earlier. 2) journaling. 3) reading. 

waking early. Since it's break time, I've basically thrown out the idea of waking early for the time being. However, a week ago, I was doing a good job of getting up before eight. I love the idea of having a whole day to live. I wouldn't be surprised if I started getting up at seven during break, too, though. 

journaling. I was doing a superb job of journaling before it came to midterm tests. Now that it's break time, I'm having time to do it again, which is rather exciting. Journaling is a way -- for me at least -- to get the thoughts swarming my head out into the open. Surprisingly enough, it's nice to have an emptied mind; although I know only too well it will be full come a few nights later. (would anyone like a post on journaling? I'd love to write one.)

reading. Ah, reading. I saved this one for last because it is the one I am most excited about. The two books I had checked out from the library were due yesterday. My hunger games book is still on hold (I'm number 5 of 30 holds on 15 copies). This left me with one option: my brother's Son of Neptune book. I read the Percy Jackson books as well as the Lost Hero during last school year. Honestly, they were good books. Possibly around to top of my favorites list. I would like to let you know that I haven't actually finished a whole chapter in any book for over one month. But yesterday, lets just say I was excited. The book started out suspensful. And I had nothing else to do. So I read six chapters. And yes, I plan to finish it before christmas. (any book recommendations for when I'm finished?)

Also, anyone else have mixed feelings about the end of december? I'm sided with Haley. I've not had enough of 2011 yet.

p.s. with it being break and all, I've had time to design and install the new borderless look. thoughts?


  1. I really love the new design!! :)
    and i did not know you have instagram!
    What's your username?

  2. did i ever tell you that i liked your designs? "like" is raised to the umpteenth power, of course.

    and i know exactly how you feel concerning reading. i have not done the hunger games yet, but i have immersed myself into some of the works by agatha christie. she is amazing.

    unfortunately, i am not on break yet {some things on the list that i must get done} and i do look forward to sleeping in come Christmas Eve, and possibly even Christmas.

    i loved this post. your photos are just spectacular.
    -jocee <3

  3. lovely design and post on journaling sounds great!
    haha, i saw the second to last line and was like -- wait is she talking about me? ;) have a great night!


    p.s. i have those moccasins!

  4. I am so bad at waking up early. i sometimes go to sleep around the time i would like to be waking up :) oopps.

    ahh i want to read the hunger games.. still haven't gotten to it. and i would recommend a book if i could think of one.. i've been stuck on harry potter for a lonnnng time. i just can't get enough haha

  5. I agree, 2011 has gone by too fast. :'( And I'm lovin' the new Borderless look! Super cute (I think it's a keeper! ;))

  6. Yes. 2011 is ending and I'm still writing 2010 on my papers by accident. So crazy how time flies! A post on journaling would be awesome. As far as book recommendations... I'm reading the first Ember book right now. I'm pretty sure you've read it (I have short-term memory loss. runs in the family.... at least I think it does. haha gotta love dory ;D) but I like it so far.

    Hm.. you could always re-read (or re-re-read) the HP series. Could get um done in about a week. ;) Hah. Oh! Did I tell you - brother and little sister are reading the HP series. laaaaaaaaa I'm so excited. They're on #2 and #3. I'm re-reading the series too, amidst the other 4 books I'm reading. I'm kind of addicted. =P

  7. (And I also agree with Hayley's comment.
    Just thought I'd add to my novel.)

  8. I would love a post on journaling!

  9. I like your new design (: AND you didn't want to make cookies with me because of a book! How dare you! Just kidding. I guess I'll forgive you.
    I'm really sad December, and 2011 are coming to a close. It was such a fantastic year!

    PS come have a cookie.

  10. I love the new design Megan! As well as these photos; so beautiful and winter-y.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Hey Megan! I have a friend who owns the hunger games books that probably would let you lead them! So just let me know if you would like them and I could get them for you!
    p.s. I love the new design!

  12. ah, I love the Percy Jackson books and the first hunger games book was good, but I haven't read the other two. the new design is lovely!

  13. yes to the post on journaling. i did it for awhile but it became a chore. clacking away on a keyboard is my preferred method of writing.
    also? READ THE HUNGER GAMES. they are epic. <3
    love the new look. very winter-y! which reminds me...i need to get my winter look started.

  14. Oh my goodness Megan your turning into me. (I'm so proud.)

  15. LOVE the new design! I think it's my favorite one yet! :)

  16. I entirely relate as far as how you feel about journal writing! It's a way to gather up all those undefined and indistinct images in your head and heart, and just- bring them into crystal clear focus! It really clarifies one's view of the world. Then of course, midterms comes and steals any and all such view. ;) Also, I adore the first picture in the post.


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