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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1. sherlock holmes two // mall trip
I promise you, I have seen more movies in theaters in the past year than I have in my entire life. Of course, today we (meaning marissa, becca, krista, melissa, kaylee, whitney, my brother, and I) went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. We laughed at it. Quite a bit actually. It was great. Except for the unneeded mention that I somehow got confused mid-way and had no idea why they bad guy was bad. Thankfully Kaylee was there to be confused with me. And thankfully I have smart friends like Krista to explain things. 

Being girls, we obviously had to make a trip to the mall/Kohls afterwards, which was fun, too.

2. great aunt elizabeth and uncle bill
Apparently my grandma's sister+her husband like taking drives from missouri to iowa in their new car. Naturally they came over for supper. They are probably one of the cutest old couples I know. They shared stories about old times (you probably already know how much I love these) and it was just nice to see them again.

3. and so we play
Elizabeth and Bill know we all play music so of course they had us all play for them. My brother showed off his new christmas present and played a skillet song. Meredith played yankee doodle on the piano (which was adorable). Mallory played a classical song from her lesson book. I, of course, chose a Haydn piece that I hadn't played since the summer. Perhaps not the best choice on my part.

4. sunset.
I'm one to stare in awe at the beauty of sunsets. On the drive home from the movie, a beautiful one grazed the sky. Naturally, being me, I snapped a few shots from my seat in the back of the car. Sunsets somehow hold happiness and sadness all at the same time. Happiness of beauty, sadness of a day's end.

5. yes I read half a novel in two days.
Part of my crazy life is doing things like this. You probably know that I've been reading the Heros of Olympus book two -- Son of Neptune. I stayed up until 12:40 last night with the common 'just one more chapter turns into twenty.' Showing our completely different personalities: tonight, the adults were talking, Jordan, Mallory, and Meredith playing music, and I, of course, am curled up in a chair reading. Naturally, I finish the book.

how was your wednesday?


  1. sounds like an amazing day! that sunset is gorgeous, and I want an electric guitar soosososo bad!!

  2. my wednesday was lovely. a day at the zoo with the uncle + aunt, dinner, then back home for games with the rest of the family. your photos are great, and don't you worry, because you're definitely not the only one when it comes to confusing movies. although i understood inception without any help when i first saw it, there are other things like batman that i just couldn't seem to understand. but anyway, that's what google is for.
    -jocee <3

  3. my wednesday was good. i especially loved those shots of the sky, by the way.

    I follow you now! You can check out my blog here and follow if you like :)


  4. I was sick, but otherwise it went good. Lots of reading + watching movies. And I sooo want to see Sherlock Homes.

  5. Hey there Megan,

    Sounds like fun. I wish I had more friends around my age but sadly, they're either not like me or younger than me. But, it gives me more time to write and take pictures.

    p.s. the second picture of your brother looks CRAZY like you.

  6. oh, and my brother just recently saw the first sherlock holmes movie.


  7. haha, that confusion you had at the theater sounds so like me. :)
    i began and finished a novel, elsewhere, last night. it was so good; i couldn't stop reading! :)

  8. Ahahaha! That sounds like me, being confused at a movie. ;)

  9. Haha! 'just one more chapter turns into twenty.'
    Story of my life (!).

  10. beautiful pictures Megan!
    ps- how do you keep your photos from being so grainy? I keep my ISO down, but still doesn't help; I use a Nikon D3000 as well.

  11. love those books so much!


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