Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Again, (yesterday) the rain pours down, dripping from the sides of the roof. It always seems to be tuesdays when I discover or notice something beautiful. It is alway tuesday, the day I find myself so terribly caught up in life and schoolwork, that these beauties are revealed. It is always the times when I most need it that I find them.

Again, half of christmas break has begun. I have many plans for this break. The previous year, I spent the final two days of break writing like there was no tomorrow. Perhaps the same will come again; however my plans tell me otherwise. Knowing me, there will obviously be writing involved, yes. I have other plans, though. Among these (which, come to think of it, I quite need to write down) are
-a new design job (yes, please, and thank you, $40)
-2012 list of aspirations/goals (what? 2012? wasn't it just 2010?)
-reading. (this one is at the top)
-photography (well, that is clearly a given)

Again, time has come for the Gamma visit. Since the past couple years, our dad's mom has come to visit us extensively, usually during the winter/spring. Today she will be arriving again. We are delighted that she is back in our home again. And while the few months that she's staying seems like a long while, we know it will be all too soon before she leaves again. We love Gamma. (and so do all my friends.)

Again, the dance recital has come. It's sad to know that this will be our last time dancing together, as our teacher is going to Costa Rica for three months. However, we had a great time, too. We acted like dorks, laughed like idiots, and did many crazy things together. Dance class has probably been one of the best parts of my week.

Again, the time has come for our annual buddies/gang christmas party (becca, MarissaKristaKayleeWhitney
Melissa, and myself). Would you like to know a secret? I still don't have my secret santa's christmas present yet and the party is on friday. oh dear.

Again, the christmas tree has been set up. It's branches twinkling with an arrangement of colorful lights; an assortment of different ornaments accompany them. Usually, we get one ornament each christmas. Each of us have our own box where these ornaments are kept. I have ones from choir concerts, ballet recitals, and from christmas parties. Our ornaments tell many different stories.

what happenings are coming around again this season for you?


  1. again, Christmas shopping. it's something that i look forward to every year, and something i do at the last minute.
    again, cold weather. thank goodness. but it's quite warm right now, and i'm hoping that will go away before that joyous sunday.
    again, my birthday. it was on monday, and i don't really feel different, but just knowing that i turned over a new leaf and became a new age is different and exciting in of itself.
    also, the same thing happens to me on tuesday. what's up with tuesdays? great post, love your photos :))
    -jocee <3

  2. I can't believe it's almost 2012! I agree, wasn't it just 2010??? I absolutely love your pictures, especially the chalk board one!

  3. Lovely post! I know, it's insane that 2012 is already sneaking up on us. Love the bokeh.

  4. eep. this is so beautiful. your pictures make my heart go into puddles. and your words make me smile.

  5. Yes Megan your Gamma is totally awesome :)

  6. Lovely post Megan. :) You're such an amazing writer. <3

  7. oh, thankyou for this! it made my heart happy :)

    for me... again comes making cards, wrapping gifts, mainly Christmas baking on Saturday (yay!)


  8. Oh my how I love Gamma (can't wait for friday.)


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