rediscovering thanks

Friday, November 4, 2011

Last night, my great aunt was in town and was staying with our grandparents. We all climbed into the van to drive the eight or so minutes to their home, where we were having supper together. As we drove, the sky was darkening and a black haze covered the town. We had a wonderful night together but soon were required to return home. As we drove, we all noticed the halloween decorations still put up by the houses around our grandparent's. And then my mother said something which really got me thinking:
"Why doesn't anyone put out thanksgiving decorations? Thanksgiving is such a neglected holiday."
 The truth of that statement is so incredibly surreal. Thanksgiving is a neglected holiday. We don't dress up and we don't get toys or candy, so what is the point? Is getting things really the only reason to appreciate and enjoy a holiday? I think for some people, they unknowingly answer yes. And this world needs so desperately needs to rediscover thanksgiving.

The Lord has blessed us with so many things, yet I often still find myself asking for more. In our society today, if you don't own a tv, car, computer, and cell phone, you are degraded to the grouping of poor. Poor is not about how much of the new technology you have. Poor is being on the streets without food, without a family, surrounded by people who don't care. We are not poor. We have things to be thankful for. Even still, people who truly are poor have things to be thankful for. They have a life; they have a future; they have hope; and they are never alone.

This month, I challenge you. This month, let's stop asking the Lord for things and let's thank him for them instead. Today, let's make list of all the beautiful things we have been given. Sometimes we forget all the wonderful things in life. Let today be the day that changes. Today, let's rediscover thanks together.

So what will you do to be thankful this month?


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  1. oh thank you. i needed this post. it was so beautiful and true. i think i'll write my thankyou's on my blog. :]

  2. I've never really thought of it before, Megan, how Thanksgiving is a kind of ignored holiday. I've always known Thanksgiving was a holiday to be thankful for, etc. but I never really thought about how underused it is... you know?

    Thank you so much, dear!

    xoxo, hayley

  3. This is a beautiful post, Megan. And you're so right. We need to be thankful for everything. Beautiful picture too! I love the last one! =)

  4. amen amen. :))
    -jocee <3

  5. So true! Nice post.


  6. your pictures are ravishing, as always. (: and such a thought proving post.

    ps - i think you might want to know that you spelled "read" instead of "red". just so you know. ;)

  7. This is a great reminder Megan! It's so true and so easy to forget or not even realize.

  8. I so agree Megan, as Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! I enjoy that it's in the fall, with leaves turning, crisp air, and the smell of fireplaces burning wood. I love that's it is laid back, no presents to buy, no scurrying around for candy or costumes. But my favorite thing is that's the holidy I spend with my family! I get almost four full days of being with you and our family. It is so special to me and I look forward to it every year!

  9. oh i did not think that i had to play music!:D


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