Monday, November 7, 2011

Mondays always seem to be a drag. Getting back into the daily school routine is a struggle for me. From catching up on those literature chapters I didn't read over the weekend, to getting backing to my math lessons. However, this monday is a bit of an exception. This monday it a bit more exciting than most. 

books. We went to the library yesterday; as it is our sunday tradition. I willed myself not to check out any more books. I'm already reading one and have three waiting on my nightstand. I endured a deep want to read this entire week because I had many other things which took up my hours. School, nanowrimo, practicing (I've started christmas music). But today, I will get my work done. I will finish nanowrimo and practicing early. And I will enjoy the words dotting the many pages once more. 

view from the parking ramp
nanowrimo. Of course nanowrimo is on my agenda for today. My overall goal for today is 11,666 collective words. I reached 10,000 last night. 20% done. In addition to my at home nanowrimo writing, we're having our fist group meet with the 11 other kinds in our class group. You don't even need to ask if I'm excited.

road beside our church building
photographs. I've already used up 51 percent on my flickr account for this month. And it's only the seventh of this month. I've been taking way too many pictures. Major obsession with my camera, I know.

art. I suppose not many of you know this about me, but I an artist of sorts. I keep a nature journal where I make sketches at least twice each week. I also do an assortment of projects aside from the journal. I have a small pile of leaves, which I just now collected, that I am preparing to draw. I never thought about it before, but would you all like to occasionally see some drawings?

christmas music. As mentioned before, I started playing christmas flute music last tuesday. I'm in love with christmas music. I'm playing this piece which is in a more minor key and it is so beautiful.

what are you doing this monday?
--megan kristine


  1. i want that piano. i'm doing Christmas music as well, just checked out a new book from the library, planning my birthday party, and reorienting myself since i just got home from camp yesterday. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. i know, mondays are hard for me too. they're the days where i stall the most with getting on school.

    i need to decide what christmas songs to start on piano, and i need to clean my room. like REALLY need. :)


  3. I hate Mondays. A lot. I just finished composing a nice original arrangement on the piano. I also signed up for NaNoWriMo!

  4. Love the bokeh, and I would love to see your drawings! I had no idea you drew. =) (besides a few drawings you've done of your characters.) I've started playing Christmas music on the piano (actually I started paying back in September cuz I'm a loser and I was too excited for Christmas =P) and Christmas music is constantly playing at our house from Air1! =) Haha. Before Thanksgiving, yes.

    Btw, I sent out the earrings this morning. Just to let you know that I did, in fact, do what I said I was going to do. For once in my life. Haha.

  5. You should definitely post some of your sketches! Love the pictures -- the trees are so beautiful. Oh, and I really need to start playing some Christmas music!

  6. I've been reading like crazy lately! I finished three books just this week! Hahaha, love the photos (the bokeh one at the end was my favorite), and I'd love to see some of your drawings! And flute Christmas music? Oh my goodness you're making me wish I hadn't stopped playing flute!

    xoxo, hayley

  7. Katie KrinkleberryNovember 08, 2011

    Hey Megan! I'm doing NaNoWriMo too! What is your username? I would love to be your writing buddy! :D
    On NaNo my user name is D.M. Lansberry. :)
    Good luck on your novel!!!

  8. i'd love to have that piano. gorgeous photos<3


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