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Saturday, November 5, 2011

plays. we're going to a play this afternoon with friends (as we did last weekend). The play--Tom Sawyer--is being put on by a highschool which is one town away. We're also having supper together. This will be a fun weekend.

outfit. it's been awhile since I posted outfit pictures, hasn't it? My outfit today was literally pieces of clothing found in my nearly empty closet and the floor. we need to do laundry.
boots: hand-me-dows » jeans: no boundaries » shirt+scarf: faded glory » jacket: old navy

feathers. I've always loved feathers. Yesterday, I discovered our old vase of feathers which my parents have had since forever. I took a few and, setting them in a glass jar, placed them on my nightstand. feathers are so whimsical, no?

sisters. My little sisters are so adorable. Meredith has developed a new love for telling us stories about giants and people walking down streets. She is also excited by mine and my sister's new dslr's, and especially likes to pretend to be famous, acting like we're the paparazzi. Her sweet little smile and the ring of her laughter makes my heart happy.

photography. I'm loving my new Nikon, y'all. I haven't failed to take less than 150 pictures each day since I first got it. The click of the shutter and the manual focus gets be excited every moment of the day. It's the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I touch before I fall asleep. It's a pure beauty.

nanowrimo. the incredible truth is that I haven't gone to bed before 12 since tuesday. I haven't started writing until 9 pm each night since tuesday. And I've somehow managed to keep up my word count. I love nanowrimo.

weather chills. Outside is so cold. my fingers almost froze this morning as I went out to snap a few pictures. A cloud of fog covered the landscape this morning. And I'm still waiting for that first snow.

what have you been up to?
xoxo, megan.


  1. Feathers are great. :)

    xoxo, hayley

  2. I love your outfit dear! Feathers are whimsical indeed. :)

  3. Aw, Megan you are so pretty! The last two pictures are my favorite, I think. =) It's really cold here too... our first snow was yesterday. =)

  4. feathers are oh-so very whimsical.
    and you're so pretty. your outfit is perfection :)

    what have i been up too?
    well, we had a family outing to the Alamo and River Walk in downtown San Antonio a few days ago, yesterday i went to a city wide yard sale with my sister and mother, today i've got church and drama practice, and tomorrow is the last day of this fall semester at out co-op! so it has been a busy week but a fun week :)


  5. your closeup of the feathers is just....*sigh*. what have i been up to? um. camp, swimming, school, music, writing, breathing, repeat :P loved this post :))
    -jocee <3

  6. your pictures are so beautiful, Megan! And your outfit is so cute!


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