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Saturday, November 26, 2011

1. moccasins. my friends and I went black friday shopping together. It wasn't half as bad as any of us expected. It was fun although we were sore and tired by the end. I hadn't been shopping in the longest time and getting back to actually allowing myself to want things seems so odd. After getting my camera last month, I don't have to save all my money anymore. I had twenty dollars to spend. After our third trip into target, my friend Kaylee and I decided to both get moccasins together. They are warm. And lovely. And wonderful.

shoes: $12 at Target

2. sunsets. I love the sky. Especially in the afternoon, during it's descent.

3. card games. when aunt and uncle come -- we love them. The endless hours of claims to victory and the screams of excitement supply us with laughter. Card games are our favorite.

4. christmas cards. we received one from our friends who live in our old town in indiana a few nights ago. It was lovely. I'm excited that I can now use my winter stationary.

5. winter. I'm in the mood for snow. Unfortunately, the ground is covered with green grass and crunchy brown leaves. please come soon, winter.

6. hallmark christmas movies. every one has the same plot, but we love them. We watch them over and over during the holidays and squeal with delight when our favorites come on. We are crazy girls, yes.

7. little sisters. mine are goofy, but how can you not love them? So adorable and smiley; willing to cuddle up with you and eat pumpkin pie.
what are you loving?


  1. number six. that's what i'm loving. and leftover thanksgiving pie :))
    -jocee <3

  2. that pictures of meredith is hilarious. "Hey guys! i'm harry potter!"
    I also laugh at the fact that we went to target 3 times. haha. We obviously love that store.

  3. I'm loving number one. :) 12 dollar shoes!? I'm in!! :)


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