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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1. thanksgiving. 
Did I ever mention how much I love thanksgiving? Seeing the friendly faces of family, some I haven't seen in months, others just days. The wonderful aromas of foods sparkling with goodness. And the happiness which glows in every smile.

2. sickness. 
Currently, I am deemed sick. It is true, a sickness is going around in our family this past week and it has finally reached me. Hoping to be well by thursday.

3. nanowrimo. 
I am two days behind on nanowrimo. I've never been this far behind before, and the thought scares me a bit. However, since I'm sick, I have much more time for writing today and am crossing my fingers that I can get caught up.

4. downtown. 
The two times when I haven't brought my camera with me, I have deeply regretted it. Yesterday was one of those times. I had a dentist appointment in Iowa City and afterwards we made a quick stop at the library. The library is located in he downtown area. We've only ever been there in the early afternoon. Yesterday, we were there just as the sun was setting. The snowflake lights on the posts and the christmas lights wrapped around the trees were beautiful. I was in love an unable to capture any of it. I have learned my lesson.

this one is from saturday with my dance group.

5. speaking of the dentist... 
My wisdom teeth have both come in on the bottom. Yes, I am fourteen. I will also most likely be getting braces this spring. I'm not excited or upset about this. Sort of unsure at the moment to tell you the truth.

6. pretty color. 
I attempted to capture this tree last year, but it was a failed attempt. However, taking a walk on saturday in Kalona presented the perfect opportunity. What a beauty.

7. flickr. 
I have officially used up my flickr account for this month. My blogger uploader was filled up ages ago. I have now been forced to move to photobucket. I have a slight obsession with photography, yes.

8. JJ Heller. 
A couple of nights ago, I finally decided to get a pandora account. This resulted in my discovery of JJ Heller. Her music is so pretty. I listen to the JJ Heller radio all the time now. Who is your favorite singer/musician? 

8. Snow. 
If I could have a white thanksgiving, that would be lovely. Now that all the leaves have fallen and the weather is dreary and cold, I am ready for snow. If it is going to be cold, it ought to snow as well.

have a lovely afternoon.


  1. snow. yes, i need snow. and oh my! are those cherries? they're absolutely beautiful. your photography is amazing. get better soon, darling.
    also, that definition of blue is beautiful.
    -jocee <3

  2. Love this post! :) Hope you start feeling better soon! As for braces, they hurt but they are so, so worth it!
    I LOVE your photos, you are so talented!

    Have a lovely day, darlin!

  3. lovely post!! You're pictures are awesome! I love the one of the cherry tree!!

  4. your fourteen and getting braces in spring? Ah we sooo need to get together... Cause it's the same here on my end. Yup. I'm getting braces in spring. Your photos are just so loverly. Like, sosososo lovely. I'm smitten with al of them. :)

  5. JJ Heller is a favorite! Love her voice! I really like that red picture!! :)

  6. I ran into the same problem with blogger and flickr last spring...photobucket has yet to fail me! ;)

    I love that photo of the tree-gorgeous!

    JJ Heller is one of my favorites too along with Laura Story, Tenth Avenue North, Matt Redman, and others. =)

  7. I love your pictures! And your list. I know how you feel about leaving your camera at home and then regretting it. I am realizing that my camera is becoming a sort of extra appendage which cannot be left at home. :)

  8. Wisdom teeth... I dread the day when mine come in. :-P I currently have braces and they're not that bad. The other day I finally broke my routine and got a different color of rubberbands. haha, for 7 or 8 months I got the same color- pink. My teeth are so much straighter and I get them off early next year... so excited!!

  9. Whoops, I'm on my business account. Sorry! This is actually Rachel from arizona grown (formerly Love. Live. Laugh.)

  10. I LOVE JJ Heller! I just recently bought her new album, "Deeper" - I listen to it all the time! :)


  11. p.s. i also love switchfoot. :)

  12. Never heard of JJ Heller, but I LOVE that song and her voice! Looking her songs up right now. Thanks for introducing me to her. =)


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