Thunder Blown

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(update: sorry comments didn't work before; I reposted and now they work! thanks for letting me know Kendra!)

Mornings are my favorite. Tuesday morning, a thick fog had rolled in overnight. Stepping outside, I took a long moment to listen to everything that was go on. It we purely beautiful. Leaves were softly floating through the air as autumn birds chirped quietly. Droplets of dew dotted the ground, spiderwebs fluttering in the breezes. October colors screamed out into the open air.

Then this morning, I woke early to complete a comp assignment. It was 6:30. The sky was just about half way lit. Around one hour later, the dark clouds released a few gorgeous droplets as thunder crashed above. Leaves glided with the wind across the roof so loudly that you could practically feel the texture of each one. And the slow patter of raindrops echoed my typing fingers.

It's these days where I choose to overlook all imperfections, and see every beauty around me.


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  1. Love that shot - what a beautiful fall morning.

  2. Beautiful photos! I really like the first one. looks like you had a simply lovely morning (those are the best!). :)

  3. first shot is really creative. I love getting up early too. =)

  4. I loooove the first shot. And your design. And mornings. Okay, this blog just rocks. =D

  5. ohhh yes. early morning thunderstorms ALWAYS put me in a good mood :)

  6. well, i'm blown away by the first photo. (get it -- "blown away"? you know, like how autumn leaves fall and blow away in the wind?)


    ok, forget the joke. but these shots are truly eye-catching. :)


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