Shoes and Socks and Autumn.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Partially the fact that I own only one pair of plain white socks and that I'm too lazy to actually find shoes where you can't see my socks; I wear something somewhat like the above picture daily. Another contributing factor is I don't go out much and mismatching socks are the new thing anyway, so how much worse are crazy ones with open shoes?

I absolutely hate the SkinnyJean-Converse trend/fad. Unfortunately, when I own no other walking suitable shoes and all of my other jeans are in the wash, the style is inescapable while going on the trail. Which doesn't demean the lovely autumn experience because only old men and homeschoolers walk the trail, none of whom really care about what I'm wearing on my feet.

I hadn't been on the trail in a few weeks, so when we went again on monday, it was the same beautiful waterfall all over again. I've heard tales from younger siblings who have gone on longer treks while I've stayed at home working on school, and somewhere a few miles down, there is a gorgeous bridge. I've seen pictures, but that actual site has escaped me. It would be lovely to visit soon. All rustic and resting in the countryside.

The last of the summer wildflowers are spreading their wings one last time before Autumn weather finally sets in. The weather has been in the eighties this week and soon we'll get our Autumn. I ready for it, though. So ready.

I love Autumn. The mere thought of it makes me want to drink tea and read books. Which is exactly what I shall do.

she is so adorable.

embracing crazy socks. embracing autumn weather. embracing everything beautiful.


  1. these pictures are really pretty! :)

  2. That looks like a beautiful trail! I would love to experience the leaves changing colors and the air getting crisp. It must be wonderful.

    PS your socks are awesome.

  3. Socks!! I don't own a single pair of white socks. xD

  4. i love the skinny jean -- converse fad! i think it's glamorous. and the photos of the leaves are absolutely breathtaking!

  5. I love mismatched socks! haha! :) Love the photos!!

  6. Lovely photography! That Autumn walk looks beautiful.

  7. Looks like we're in the same boat, weather-wise. Autumn wants to be here - I just know it! However, summer is very reluctant to completely leave. Oh well...I suppose I shouldn't be complaining. I seem to recall a time not that long ago when I was aching for summer weather. Funny how I forget so easily. Ha!

    Lovely photos. Have a stunning day, Megan!

  8. LOVE <3 you an amazing writer, friend :)

  9. I have the Exact. Same. Socks. Aren't they soooo comfortable?


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