Looking Forward: November.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I mentioned a few things I was looking forward to this November in my last post, but I am so incredibly anxious for the coming of November that I have become determined to elaborate more on my favorite November beauties.

nanowrimo. The most obvious of all; I'm looking forward to nanowrimo this November. The computer keys beneath my fingertips each morning and afternoon; ideas swirling every waking moment; and an unexplainable glory of accomplishment come the november close.

snow. Snow is an absolute delight until mid-January. By then, we all seem to be ready for spring. However, I do have an aunt who lives for snow. Most everyone else in my family? after christmas, we want it gone. Last year, iowa's first snow was october 17th. This year, it is nearly november and we haven't had a snow yet! I await the first iowa snow this november.

christmas spirit. Did I mention I love christmas? The decorations, the warm feelings, the gorgeous photos, I snatch all of it up the first moment I get. Next week, I'm beginning on christmas flute music, and, as already mentioned, my sister and I have already begun listening to christmas playlist. Although, we have limited it to only once per week until after thanksgiving.

thanksgiving. My aunt and uncle from Indiana usually come to spend thanksgiving with us and the entire time is absolutely delightful. Although, we all know everyone eats far too much during this time. 

books. I look back to my profile for nanowrimo from last year and my exact words were: "I read a ton, so I have far too many favorites." This statement was completely true. Last year, I read three series (harry potter, series of unfortunate events, percy jackson) along with multiple other books. This year? I've finished maybe 5 books. Writing has become my priority and reading has been pushed far to the back. This november, my quest is to read more books. The mere thought excites me.

my journal. I love journaling. Most of you are aware, I'm sure. I journal at least once every week. The joy of putting down my thoughts into words in pure happiness. This november, I plan to journal more. I cannot possibly wait.

schedules. I'm the list type of person. I like to have my things planned out for me, and if I don't, things go terribly wrong. I don't get things done. I forget what I'm supposed to do. I get behind. Schedules, for some odd reason, excite me. Lists make me happy, too. I make all sorts of schedules, and this November, there will definitely be more to come.

letters. I love postage stamps, envelopes, and playful stationary. Letters this November excite me. I've begun to send a few of my old (and new) penpals more letters. The feeling of receiving a letter in the mailbox is such an unexplainable emotion.

you. You excite me this November. My friends, my followers, my readers. Your faithfulness these past few years is priceless. I could never ask for finer readers. I do not blog for numbers, but the few who care, those are the ones which matter. those are the one which count.

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how about you, What are you looking forward to this November?


  1. i'm looking forward to ::

    my fifteenth birthday
    bloggy posts
    a vacation
    more laughter
    being with Jesus
    your darling posts

    pee ess what is the font you use for your header?

  2. aww! what a lovely post.

    i'm looking forward to:

    interning at camp
    being with friends
    the cold weather = extra blankets

    -jocee <3

  3. My list for what I'm looking forward to in November is pretty much the same as yours. NaNoWriMo of course, Christmas music, snow, Thanksgiving... oh, and getting my braces off!

    In Christ,

  4. NaNoWriMo of course!
    And I'm getting my pointe shoes. :)

    I wish we got snow!

  5. I'm looking forward to,

    My first year of NaNoWriMo. I changed my goal to 30,000 words because it's my first year.

    Coming back into the blogger world.



    Getting new clothes.....


  6. I'm looking forward to all those things! Even though it's not my favorite season, I do still enjoy winter for the most part. :)


  7. I can't wait for November! I'm looking forward to NaNoWriMo for sure. And I'm very much a list person too. I just love making schedule and lists!

  8. I love organizing lists like these, and I agree with pretty much every one of these. Especially blogging and journaling :)

  9. I can't comment in the post about the tree....

  10. Snow is awesome when it is really deep... Where I live we are lucky to get half an inch once or twice and then it turns to slush in a day. And then mud. :-P We went up to the White Mountains last year to ski and the snow was so deep... it was awesome! :)

  11. i found your blog re: the common interest of "writing".

    november=nanowrimo. HOORAY! :D


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