Hello, Gorgeous October

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October first. It has officially been autumn for nearly two weeks. Our lovely house smells scrumptious; of the fragrance of pumpkin. We've finally discovered what our mystery plant in our garden was. While for the longest time we were convinced that it was watermelon, turns out we now have more than seven pumpkins.

The weather has been gorgeous lately; all jacket weather. I've felt quite knit-like lately, too, and have nearly finished a lovely brown hat (only my second knitting project...ever). Finally getting into a schedule groove for school has resulted in hours of reading and writing which makes me all happy inside. Not to mention I'm totally psyched for NaNoWriMo; starting in one month.

Life around here has been, for the most part, normal. Nothing too exciting, nothing too crazy. From doing research, key word outline, draft, and final writing for a 5-paragraph paper comp assignment in two hours and in one night (something that's supposed to take 5 hours and 5 days), to having nothing to do in technology class because I finished my page the week before.

Right now, I should actually be working on a Literature assignment for the Scarlet Letter, a book which, personally, I found boring and rather odd. I choose to do a sequel plot for my assignment where I'm having Pearl go to Hogwarts. Creative, I know.

Incase you didn't quite notice, the design has been changed...again. The last design seemed to look too summer/spring-ish. Plus, I've decided to redesign the 1st of every month. Perhaps this will break my too-often design habits.

What have you been up to?



  1. oh, wow, love the new design!!!! =D

    (lol, that was not meant to sound sarcastic!)

  2. Love the new design! :)

  3. I love the new design! :) Everything about it is amazingly well done.

  4. I love the new design! :) Everything about it is amazingly well done.

  5. it's fall-like weather here to :) fair wednesday, I'm so excited!
    love the design :D

  6. yay for fall!! I love your new design! =)

  7. I love autumn! It's by far the prettiest season and I love it when you can wear jackets without having to wear coats, right now I'm freezing though.


  8. Keep designing! I don't care -- I love it -- when you design your blog a LOT!
    Are you going to share some of your stories with us? *puppy dog face* Paweese?

  9. Love the photos!
    I'm excited for NaNoWriMo as well!! I'm already thinking about what I want to write about, though I probably could have started sooner. My idea actually formed in my mind based off a dream I've had recently.

    Hahaha, never read that book, but I do like your sequel plot idea. ;D
    I love your design! :)

    - Tessa


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