earth: beautiful

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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My first outdoor sight this morning was a towering tree in our front yard. The tree was one which I hadn't taken a second look at all year. But this morning was a different matter entirely. The tree had become a lofty beauty in, what seemed to be, over night. The colors were a mixture of golden and fading greens, with touches of rich browns. The beauty overcame me and gazing along it's textured surface occupied my excited mind for mere seconds before I returned to my work.

Often, I find myself waking with predetermined expectations of my day. Wednesdays are frequently dull, as they are class days. And sometimes, God decides to surprise me with a little touch of beauty. It is as if he awakes the color of the world, giving me a delight amid the ordinary.

While reflecting on this day in my journal just now, I found myself wishing for these kinds of days more often. In an instant, I realized: Everyday is one of these days. Everyday, God gives me beauty. The sad truth is, though, that sometimes, I'm too busy and rushed to notice. I wish I noticed more often, because these days are wonderful.

what are your surprised beauties?


  1. God is good, isn't he? :)

  2. Love it, Megan! I know what you mean. Sometimes I forget to look for the beauty in everyday life. =)

  3. Is that a recent picture of you?

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I always have to tell myself to slow down and take a walk in God's creation. God makes me smile. :)


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