Calm Fridays

Friday, October 21, 2011

From sunday to thursday life has been a whirlwind of busyness. And somehow, Friday is the day when the work subsides and life, at last, is calm. There is a certain sweetness of peace; a slow, lasting breath; a silent walk above the autumn leaves; a glance toward the clear, untouched sky.

October has flown by in such a rush, I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone. Fond thoughts of my birthday bring me to realize that a full week has already come to pass since that delightful day. Beginning work on my November design--with all do respects to the satisfying excitement--brings the realization that a mere ten days hold ground until the next glorious month sets in. I simultaneously wish for and push away November with everything I have.

Soon, the delight of a new month will set in and the excitement will replay itself. Soon, delicate snowflakes will drift from the chilly skies. Soon, a wonderful digital beauty will be resting in my eager hands ($80 to go. I cannot possibly wait). Soon, christmas break will be upon us and the annual new year's party with friends will come to pass. And soon, my novel plots will be completed and scribbles will morph into a story playing before my eyes.

Somehow, thinking about how close things which before had seemed so far, screams at me in innocent terror. And no matter how close I convince myself they are; I still see them as so far away. The thought of how quickly hours, days, months, and years are drifting past causes deep thought. I often do not take note of time. And now, it is beginning to start up a question inside me. Am I limiting my time of useless things and concentrating on what matters?

Through my thoughts and emotions I have come to notice that, often, the small things are the ones which I remember, the things which I would be lost without. The things hidden underneath every busy moment, are the ones that matter. It is those moment of quiet; the moments of calm, that truly reveal who I am and show us the veiled beauty of life.

I have truly been in a search to learn this week that the small things are the ones which matter. Through everything else in life, theses are the ones which make life openly beautiful. It is the heartwarming hugs of a younger sister. It is the fragments of sentences scribbled on a page to complete the hidden story, waiting to be formed. It is crunch of crimson autumn jewels. It is the taste of translucent, cool water. It is the melody of an untouched silence.

What have you learned this week? What reveals the beauty of life to you?


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  1. same here. all week seems a rush except glorious friday. (:

  2. I love this.


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