Autumn Harvest

Monday, October 10, 2011

It all began this morning as a large tractor, pulling two emerald carts behind it, ascended up our driveway. It was harvest time. I'm not a farmer, obviously, and neither is anyone is my family. However, we live in Iowa, and practically anyone who does lives next to a field. Our home is no exception.

The constant groan of farming vehicles in the distant landscape and our driveway becoming a road are the yearly signs of harvest. And that is not the only thing that has changed around here.

I've actually been sick over the weekend; staying mostly inside. Stepping outside this morning, the trees had changed over the short few days of my sickness. It was beautiful, truly. All golden and brown. Another pleasant surprise? It was warm enough for no shoes.  

With my attempts to catch up on school and getting quite excited about my fourteenth birthday on thursday, the official coming of autumn is an absolute delight. October is a lovely month in my mind; so colorful with such beauty. There is something so refreshing about the crunch of every step and the browns and goldens in every background. It's sheer beauty at every glance.

What do you love about autumn and october? Is it harvest season where you live?

-megan kristine


  1. Ooh yay! happy early 14th Birthday!!!

  2. Happy birthday!! I love the weather and the smells of autumn, it's super pretty.

    P.S--I LOVE the new header!!!

  3. Love this post. The pictures are lovely, and so are the words. I wish we had fall and harvest time here, but we don't. So I'll content myself with green foliage and breezy beach days. :)

  4. Great photos! I'm so ready for fall. =) (Haha all those posts on "NOOO summer don't end" and now I'm all like "OH. yea. BRING IT ON autumn." xD) It's still raining, raining, raining. Boo. Even though I'm not ready for snow, I'd rather have it snowing than raining. Which is kinda weird, since it never rains here. You'd think I'd like rain. But I don't. Haha.

  5. i'm so jealous of your Oct bday! sounds amazing :)

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better! Happy early birthday!!

  7. Happy birthday. I love your new design. :) Great pictures!

  8. it's harvest season here to, everybody is plowin' the corn + soybeans. and wow -- Iowa looks just like Kentucky. at least where you live there. perhaps our farms just look similar.

  9. you are only just turning 14?
    but you writer as beautifully as a
    high school junior already.
    and you've accomplished much - follower-wise,
    book-wise, reading-wise, photography-wise, socially-wise.

    your parents must be proud of you.

    have a lovely birthday, chica!

  10. Happy birthday! I have the same nail polish!(:

  11. happy birthday Megan! =) I remember when you were just a little blog when I started following. the name was "Life of a 12 year old" I think. you posted about your kittens and Harry Potter, of course. hehe, you've come a lonnnggg way from there. [not that you dislike HP now.]

    by the way -- I can't comment on your newest post, don't know if you made it that way or it's just me, thought I should let you know though.


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