of striped purple socks, crocheted blankets, and indian summers

Friday, September 2, 2011

Today, after my mid-monring shower, I pulled on a pair of lovely purple striped socks, and proceeded on to continue my schoolwork. I always do my schoolwork on my bed, and have never questioned it. But today, the coolness of the room and the sudden want for warm air, brought me to the opening of the window, where temperatures rose above 95. I pushed aside my crates and, laying an old crocheted blanket on the floor, gazed happily outside the open window.

The window did not stay open long, but allowed me enough warm air to finish my schoolwork. Tomorrow is the last day of our Iowa indian summer, when for the rest of the week, it will be in the lower 70's. Oh glorious fall weather.

p.s. did you know that the lighting at 5:45 p.m. is absolutely splendid?


  1. Splendid lighting makes my day.

  2. i love those days where I'm able to tote my textbooks out to the porch & work on schoolwork with the breeze rustling my papers.
    fall is awesome is what i'm trying to say. ;)

  3. Its nice having those moments of peace isn't it?

  4. Lovely post!
    I'm in Florida, so sadly we won't be getting anything close to fall weather for another month at the least.

  5. This post is simply wonderful. I love it. :)
    Ooh! I'll have to be out at 5:45! Although, I don't know if it's like that in England, too (?) Because I live in England, SO... the lighting isn't the same, right? Anyway, I'll try it!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos and words!

  6. The last picture... PERFECT LIGHTING!!! You are beautiful!

  7. Megan you are so beautiful! The last picture is my favorite. And yes, sadly, the weather is getting colder. But after many days of I'M GONNA DIE CUZ IT'S SO FREAKIN HOT I'm kinda ready for some cooler days. =) Where we went camping there was still snow on the mountains, but we did have a few 80 degree days, so that was nice. =) And yes, the golden hour is amazing! Except for that's usually around 7-8ish for us in the winter, 9-10ish in the summer. 6ish is still pretty much direct sun over here. =D


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