That Moment When this is the post title.

Monday, August 8, 2011

That moment when you parents invited the new family at church to lunch at Wendy's with you and the youngest boy stares at you in complete and utter disgust as you dip your french fries in a frosty with your sister.

That moment when you definitely just overflowed your sister's blue slush.

That moment when you are reading and suddenly decide that you're too tired to do anything and take a nap.

That moment when you wake up four hours later and realize what time it is.

That moment when you attempt to write a nice post and realize that you haven't taken any recent pictures and even an attempt is unreasonable.

That moment when you realize that you wrote a lot more in your tacky first draft of a beginning of a story's middle than you thought you did.

That moment when everything falls out of your bag.

That moment when you took millions of pictures on Target's nikon d3000.

That moment when you absolutely turn down looking in the terribly unorganized $5 bin at wal-mart with your older sister.

That moment when you realize you've spent way too much time on pinterest.

That moment you discover that 2/3 of your pins are Harry Potter, 1/6 is quotes, and the remaining 1/6 is food, cameras, your one fashion pin, and babies.

That moment when you declare today 'writing' day in your world and couldn't possibly be happier.


  1. Great post, Megan. I'm going to have to "steal" this sometimes :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. French fries + frosties = the most amazing thing in the universe!

  3. Creative post & great pictures. Love the last sentence.

  4. Love your pictures! And French fries dipped in frosties are amazing. No doubt about it!

  5. Hahaha! There is absolutely nothing better than french fries dipped in a milkshake OR a frosty. Both are wonderful.

    Like I've said before - don't give up hope on the D3000. I can totally relate to that feeling but you WILL get it. :)


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